Downhill Mountain Biking


You can ride your motorbike to the top even now.
It would be good for 4X/DJ.
The roads are wide enough for car shuttles, although walking up only takes about five minutes.

Google coords:


That’s the carpark. THe roads up to the north east are all the little tarmac roads around the hillside and pretty much mark the extents of the area, certainly in the north and east.


The Jiou Fen urban DH is taking place on Saturday the 8th. No idea how to enter, I’m just going to turn up and try to enter on the day!

All welcome, hope to see some of you there.


The urban DH race got cancelled surprise surprise!

Roel, are you working on Monday or busy? I’m going to have the car and no daughter for a few hours, maybe 10am to 3pm, so if you are up for a ride I could come over to speedtrap that day!


I’m in tainan for the whole holiday weekend, so no biking for me. Too bad, would have loved to ride speedtrap. It’s been a while since the last time I was there. Better luck next time.


I’ve ordered a new Sunline stem that’s 25mm longer than my NC-17 one. I’m hoping it will make a positive difference to my riding.

Bye bye this

Hello this and hello bashed knees perhaps.

I rode three times over the weekend, maybe 6-7 hours total. I’m getting the hang of my new bike now, found a good setting for the forks and tyre pressures. Rear shock has shat itself again though, total loss of rebound damping for the second time. It’s a shame because it’s perfect when it works properly.

Mr. Lu has been away at the new trails at Da Tung Shan a lot lately. I saw a video on youtube, it didn’t look that good so I didn’t go. It might get better over the coming months.


I went over to Jung Fu Gong this afternoon because I had a day off school. I saw Mr. Lu and his buddy going over to Da Tong Shan so I just rode by myself in the woods for two hours. It was like being a kid in the UK again - muddy, a bit of drizzle, only me there by myself in the fading light.

A while back Ryan posted a link to the IMBA trail building website on the JFG Facebook page. I think someone’s been reading it because today I discovered a new 150m long section of DH track, winding down and round the slope of the hill, not just straight down the steepest crappest route like usual there. Bench cut on the traverses, drainage ditch filled with big boulders then dirt on top. Flow Roel, flow! Only one superfluous jump and even that is avoidable on the quick line. I was really impressed actually. I don’t know who built it but I salute them! It’s still too soft to really carry speed but it has a lot of potential. A week of rain, a week of sun and 100 riders down it will pack it down a treat.

Da Tong Shan is too inconvenient for me. It’s the kind of place I’ll probably go to twice a year when it’s finished. Just a total pain in the neck to get to from my house, and even worse from my new house.


X RIDE 5 new date 18th December!


got any coordinates?



I’m heading to Jung Fu Gong in the morning, three days of rain and it’s going to be soft enough to dig. I’m planning to extend that new line further up the hill in the part that no one uses because there are no walking trails.


from when till when will you be there James?
Maybe if I get up early and don’t feel too lazy I might come


It was too shitty to ride today, that new line is soft as shit. I’m planning to go again tomorrow (Sunday) in the afternoon, no bike just digging, if I can get someone to look after Pimb for a couple of hours.


Great news Pommes for when you arrive. Plans are in motion to create a totally new Dh line from the midway point of the old one to the bottom, via a section of hillside that currently has no walking trails on it at all. I think if we start at the bottom and work up we can eventually have a great flowy line with a concealed entrance so that the pesky walkers won’t know about it. Now Mr. Lu isn’t spending much time there, a few other guys have decided to just build what they want and see what happens re: the landowner. I’m all for it. If you come over and advise it would definitely help with the quality of the outcome.


a concealed entrance so that the pesky walkers won’t know about it. [/quote]

normally, a good bike trail sucks for hiking :slight_smile: Will be there in Jan - found a house - just need to fill it when I arrive. :smiley: And then find a bike; that shouldn’t be too hard - a shovel will do in the beginning!


Twice this year that I’ve seen a bike track has been badly blocked off by walkers, big trees and tree branches across the trail and actually wired together. One time there was a laminated paper note which was translated as “Don’t ride here, you’re too fast and it’s too dangerous for us. The mountain community.” or something similar. That’s why I want a concealed entrance. I’ve never seen any walkers in the woods at the bottom and if we build up from there I don’t think it will be discovered until we breach the walking trail at the top. Hide the entrance and it should be pretty safe from harm.

I went scouting through the jungle with Ian, the guy who is responsible for the new track, today. We have a plan for where we want to extend it upwards. We actually found the area we want to exploit is very large with a steady gradient and some pretty good natural drops which could be made into jumps or landings.

Still, we will wait until CNY to go at it fully with the saws and secertairs or however you spell it - those scissors for pruning trees. It leaves us with one real problem which is that me, him and the other guys have never been to a bike park. If we can arrange a day when you, Ryan and or anyone else who knows anything about trail building can come along we could scout, plan and clear a cool trail all the way up the hillside in one day. The trail mods and features can be built later, when the brush has been cleared.




yes - i can bring Ryan, Canfield Bros and Mike and Leo from the Dadu community as well…


What we need is to bolt some car-roof-bar-alike bars onto the CPI’s frame in front of the engine and at the back somewhere, maybe on the rear footrest lugs or under the mudguard. That way a roof cycle carrier could be bolted on to the right hand side of the motorcycle, allowing quick and easy transport of the MTB without the need to remove the wheels.

I suggest getting 2x2 pieces of pipe which are just the right diameter so that one slides over the other without much play. The larger diameter one is bolted to the frame, the smaller one bolted to the roof cycle carrier. There is a hole in both such that a retaining pin can be inserted through both to prevent the roof cycle carrier coming off during use. When back at home, simply remove the retaining pins and slide the carrier off leaving no protruding pipework on the motorcycle.

I waste a lot of time taking the wheels off at either end and strapping the bike to the scooter seat. I would also waste a lot of time sat in traffic were I to use the car. The answer is clear - a solution to allow the use of CPI or scooter to transport the bicycle without having to remove the wheels.

Would you be willing to help me with the design and execution of this project?

As for the Taichung trail masters, the more the merrier. I hope Mike can walk again before then (what a nutter!).


willing sure - but very little time - if we can do it over some beers, ok. Making it shouldn’t be too hard.


I’m always looking for more Mt.B people to ride with up here in the north in the hills around Tien-Mu.


We have a pretty decent group of riders - locals and foreigners - here in Taipei. We ride lots of times in that area (Graveyard, Battleship Rock, Wuzishan, Speedtrap), mostly on the downhill trails.
PM me your email and I’ll inform you for the next ride.


So basically what we need to aim for in a good track is one that has not too steep a gradient so you can roll down but not get out of control too quickly. Flowy from one corner to the next with berms so you’re off the brakes as much as possible. Never heading straight down a hill so water doesn’t rip the surface to shit. Simple and smooth enough that novices can ride it, but still challenging enough for more experienced riders to hit it absolutely pinned.

Is that about right?

Roel when do you guys normally ride at weekends? Do you have a regular Saturday morning or Sunday morning hook up, or does it vary a lot from one week to the next? My wife’s pregnant again so she’s grounded until after it pops, so really I could meet up at any time, but I do prefer mornings.

I know I keep saying it, but I am keen to head to Speedtrap at some point!

Are you going to X-ride on the 18th?