Downloaded movie has no sound

I finished downloading a bittorrent file but it has no sound. It’s a movie.

Could it be a missing codec?

Or is it just that the file simply is missing the sound?

…most likely a codec issue - refresh your codecs, or try another player.

I tried all my players.

How the hell do I refresh my codecs?


download VLC or quicktime or zoomplayer and you should have no more problems.

I had the same problem once, downloading the AC3Filter fixed it.

Thank you DR.

Problem solved.

[quote=“Lo Bo To”]Thank you DR.

Problem solved.[/quote]

Hurray! I’m useful.

If it’s a really really old film, it’s not supposed to have any sound.

For future reference, GSpot is a program that analyzes media files and tells you if your system has the required codecs installed.