DPP falls into Lee Teng-hui's trap

Turns out that the DPP has fallen into the trap laid by Lee Teng-hui ever since he formed the TSU. As we all know, Lee took the TSU on an extreme Green agenda. He knew that the middle-of-the-road Green stance was already taken. So he prodded the DPP to follow this extreme agenda, saying that they are not being tough enough in their independence agenda.

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Now that CSB and the DPP have drifted too far on this course to the point of alienating Green moderates, TSU has suddenly drifted towards the moderate Green agenda, capturing light Green territory. With CSB desperate to extricate himself from his extreme unpopularity and his wife’s corruption scandal by appealing to deep Green fundamentalism, the DPP has fallen into the trap laid by Lee Teng-hui all along.

Hehe, I hate to say such words about Lee Teng-hui. But Lee is smarter than anyone in the DPP. No wonder Beijing had big headaches when Lee was president. But having CSB as an opponent is such a piece of cake for Beijing.

How did Chen call him?
lao fan dian!? is it?

I can’t see any likely combination of events that would make the Taiwan Solidarity Union a plausible competitor to the major parties. And what’s Lee’s master plan about the legislative reorganization, which seems likely to lose them seats?

I can see it now LTH becomes the chairman of the KMT…it’s all part of his master plan… :laughing: