DPRK Supporters Actually Chinese 'Volunteers'

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[quote]North Korea’s World Cup debut elicited touching stories about the ragtag group of soccer fans “hand-picked” by the Communist regime to support their squad in South Africa. Turns out they were hand-picked for their skill at not being Korean.

The UK’s Telegraph reported last month that China had already recruited actors and provided them with tickets to South Africa, so they could go and pretend to root for their sort-of allies. No North Korea citizen could possibly get a visa to leave the country and even if they could, they could never afford the bus trip to Pretoria. Even so, the fans and some media outlets went along with the ruse that they were loyal Koreans, even as Chinese officials admitted the truth to Reuters.

The 100 or so fans decked out in red, white, and blue sure looked like they belonged to the Hermit Kingdom when they got off the plane this morning waving DPRK flags . They made ridiculous boasts about expecting to be up 2-nil on the Brazilians at halftime and expressed love and support (through translators, of course) for their South Korea brothers. They told reporters they were hand-picked by Kim Jong-Il’s government to attend the festivities and they even made the team’s star player cry during the national anthem. But perhaps he was crying because he knew, like everything else about his country, it was a total sham.[/quote]

Classic! Kim Jong Il you’ve done it again!

Such farce, grand comedy .

I was wondering how there could be North Korean fans there, since ordinary North Koreans can’t leave their Workers’ Paradise. I noticed they were holding the flag upside-down, so that the star looked more like a Satanic pentagram! That offense would probably get a North Korean sent into slave labor in a coal mine for life. So I figured they couldn’t possibly be North Korean.

King Jong the Second did it again!

‘‘Sure, North Korea could have actually selected an elite group of propaganda-loving supporters to represent their country as spectators, but the last time they did that, the group of mini-skirted cheerleaders who attended a tournament in South Korea broke their promise not to reveal to their countrymen what they saw below the DMZ. They reportedly ended up in concentration camps.’’

Kim-Jong Il :bravo:

NK outsourcing soccer fans to the PRC/CCP.

Hell, they were there already…Do they get to keep the jackets, hats and flags?

You see, China is moving from production to service industry, before they just provided the cheap stuff, now you get a supporter…

Yes, they can. I was just in Dandong on the NK Chinese border (got within 100m of NK on the Broken Bridge over the Yalu River) and there are several restaurants with NK waitresses. Kind of a touristy thing. Also NK business people come over for supplies.

Those waitresses and businesspeople are not ordinary North Koreans.

True enough. The girls were pretty and friendly.

True enough. The girls were pretty and friendly.[/quote]

Pictures, please!

Asking on behalf of tommy525

No! Being ogled by foreigners online might earn them a lengthy stay at the No. 23 People’s Mining Camp.

The ‘DPRK supporters’ were made of melamine.

NK outsources its athletic supporters!

There was this British guy who made a movi about NK’s first World Cup appearance back in 66 being interviewed on CNN. When asked if any of the players would defect, he said, oh, everyone asks that, but no, they are loyal North Koreans, very proud of their country, when they go back, they will get an apartment in Pionyang and if they do very well, they get lost of honor, so, no.

Go figure. :unamused: sigh

I don’t understand that place at all.

True enough. The girls were pretty and friendly.[/quote]

Pictures, please!

Asking on behalf of tommy525

We were in a dark room. :sunglasses: .

Any girls would look pretty if you have lived inTaiwan for a while!

I feel sorry for the posters blind dog.

Now there is a mystery answered. I was quite puzzled how they had fans in the stands! TY.