Dr. Atkins Diet

I’m on my second day of this. Wondering if anybody knows where I can get Melba toast? Or caffeine-free, sugar-free drinks? Sugar-free jello? I’m going through all kinds of withdrawal here… :frowning:

Oh, and if you’ve just got to flame me, can you just say it in a PM?

Have you tried Florida? the shops in Tienmu: Wellman’s, Tienmu Grocery, G & G?

I’ve seen the jello at a couple of places.

I think the big thing about Atkin’s is the protein right? Do you have to cut out the sugary treats too?

BH - getting 80 to 100 g / day

I know where Wellman’s is. How do I find the Tianmu Grocery, or G & G?

Yes, sugar is off-limits. Even most artifical sweetners are off-limits as they have the same effect as sugar on insulin produiction or something like that.

Actually, the big thing is cutting the carbs. I think that during the induction phase the cap is about 25g/day. Adding fat to the diet is supposed to stave off the hunger pangs. Protein is also important.

I was on the diet for a couple months and lost about 15 pounds. Quite a few of the MDs and PhDs I work with use or have used the diet–some stick with it and others drop it quickly because of the lack of sweets. The people I know who have kept the weight off ended up shifting to a more moderate form of the diet. One thing that many people don’t realize is that the right kind of vegetables and fruit are an important part of the diet–it’s not just fatty steaks.

Good luck with it, Maoman. Even in the States, one of my biggest problems in sticking with it was finding good stuff to munch on. After the induction phase I ended up eating a lot of sunflower seeds, because all the work it takes to get rid of the shells makes it feel like you’re eating a lot more than you really are. My main problem now is that my wife keeps a lot of sweets around “for the kids,” but I end up eating more than they do.

Maoman and Jeff,

I lost a lot of weight on the Atkins diet a few years ago (of course, once off it I gained it back)… But it certainly works while you’re on it.

If you’re having sugar cravings, you can have whipped cream… just about as much as you can handle. But, you can’t have it on pie!

Good luck on it.

good on ya. trust me you can make it. remember: it ain’t a diet. you are entering in a new stage of life in which you can strive to greater consciousness about what you eat.

yeah, the sugar is tough. i weaned myself off it gradually. e.g.: going from coke to milk tea to lemon tea to green tea. back in the day i couldn’t even stand green tea. now, the habit is ingrained and reaching for that 0 cal. green tea life enhancing elixir is nearly automatic. i always keep apples and oranges around. i love cabbage. seriously. just peel and grind em brah. the little daily trips to 7-11’ll literally kill ya.

i never went on the atkins, i started by keeping a log of all the foods i ate. did that for a couple of weeks, i found out my ideal weight and target calorie per diem. it all kind of grew together as a happy evolution. for me, it ain’t a diet. i am getting older and it wasn’t feasible to kep eating fast food 3+ times a week.

uh…“fast food nation” was what started me out on eating smarter. let me know if you wanna borrow it. fascinating stuff.

Atkins schmatkins. I lost 10 kilos in two months by reducing calories, working out regularly, cutting down on fats and sweets and eating lots of raw vegetables. I’m not prone to fad diets because they’re notoriously hard to stick to because you get these awful cravings that won’t go away until you’ve ruined your diet, putting you back to square one.
Besides, the weight comes back a little slower when you are just very careful rather than doing strange things to your system.
It always comes back, though. :frowning:

I lost 18 kgs last year by cutting out all sweets except fruit and drinking alot of water, regular exercise. Also no snacking after 10PM. Otherwise I could eat just about anything I wanted. Gained back 4 KGS this year but got a hold on it.

Cutting the sweets takes about 1 week and then you get used to it.

I have to agree with Bimmel on this one. If you have the self-discipline to go on any program, you have the discipline to simply eat sensibly and exercise regularly.
Looking at the Atkins diet, I thought it was too complicated with what you can have and what you can’t. I think each person knows where his or her indulgences are, or bad habits.

‘Try to detect it, then whip it, whip it good!’

Sounds like a fad diet to me!

One of the main points of the Atkins diet is that fat is not bad because it cuts down your appetite for carbs. I believe that to a certain extent, and it’s been by far the best approach to eating sensibly that I’ve tried so far. Then again, I didn’t follow it religiously. After the first couple of weeks, the most part I just stayed away from sweets and other high-carb foods as much as possible.

if you’ve got a sudden craving for sweets or whatever, just drink a few glasses of water. you can trick your body into thinking you are full. some people can’t do that for psychological reasons ("I don’t like water or “it doesn’t taste good”), so another alternative is to drink lots of soup. naturally, don’t be adding the powdered mixes[read: sugar] to make the water easier to drink.
and you prob don’t need that much carbs if you aren’t using a lot of energy on a daily basis and since we aren’t teenagers or professional athletes we probably don’t, so most people could probably cut down on carb intake, less or smaller portions of bread, pasta, rice. Gotta stop supersizing your meals! that was my mistake for awhile. I would eat healthy, but it was the portions that got me.
i wouldn’t trust any diet fads; save your money. nothing beats exercise balanced with the right amounts, timing, and common sense eating habits.

There’s a California food pyramid that de-emphasizes the importance of carbs in the diet.

Yeah, the main emphasis of the Atkins diet is to cut carbs. So fruit is out too. On the other hand you can eat fatty foods. There was something in the paper a couple of weeks ago saying that this diet was probably just as good, and in some ways better than the traditional ‘cut the calories’ diet.

Unfortunately for a lot of men one of the best ways to lose wait is to cut out beer and softdrinks. Go for straight wiskey or something. I just wish I could find diet tonic in Taiwan.

I managed to lose 15KG in less than 6 months just before my wedding last year. I did a 10 day crash diet, just 3 times. Each time I lost about 8KG but gained back about 3KG when I stopped. Then over the following year, I put it all back on again. My crash diet, which I think works pretty well for crash diets, and would be good to jump-start a program and then follow it up with a contiued healthy diet and exercise, is a modification of the weightlifters diet, when they’re stripping fat. I had NO carbs and minimal fat. 90% green vegetables, and about 6 eggs a day (actually eggs have tiny amounts of carb, but still next to nothing). Nothing that contained fruit or water, and just a tiny bit of oil for a bit of fried veggies. mushrooms too. Like i said it kind of worked. I might try it again soon, but followit up this time.


G & G
421 Chung Shan N. Rd. Section 6

Tienmu Grocery
39 Chung Shan N. Rd. Section 7

FWIW, protein over carbs is supposed to be a good rule of thumb whether or not you follow the Atkins Diet, and 40 g is supposed to be a great way to start the day.

You can’t have any sugar but if you really really need it you can go for the Diabetic Foods. Theres sugar free chocolate and hard candy, but I’m not sure were you can find that. I think I saw some at the Breeze Centre. A diet coke always hits the spot but don’t treat yourself too often!

One of the staple foods that people eat a lot of on the Atkins is cheese and hard boiled eggs. In the original diet nuts were included in the induction phase but not anymore in the revised version.

Today I just got the results of my blood test back and apparently I am super low on Iron. I have no problem eating meat in Canada but when I am in Taiwan carbs consist of 80% of my diet! I wouldn’t know how to stay on Atkins in Taiwan!

I just saw an interesting article about diets low in calcium (http://channels.netscape.com/ns/homerealestate/package.jsp?name=fte/dangerousdiets/dangerousdiets) which lists the Atkins diet as one of the top five diets with the least amount of calcium. A diet low in calcium is particularly dangerous for women who are at greater risk for osteoporosis than are men. According to the article, “a diet high in low-fat dairy causes fat cells to make less fat…; drinking two glasses of fat-free milk daily… will keep your calorie count in check and boost your metabolism”.


[quote=“Sir Donald Bradman”]I just wish I could find diet tonic in Taiwan.

Last year I found diet tonic at Tesco in Taoyuan (of all places!)


NEW York’s mayor has become involved in a bitter row after labelling diet guru Robert Atkins fat. Michael Bloomberg told firefighters at a private lunch he didn’t believe Atkins, who died last year, was killed by slipping onan icy footpath. He suggested instead that the doctor died from weightrelated problems.

He told the firefighters: ‘‘Atkins is dead. I don’t believe that b******t that he dropped dead slipping on the sidewalk. Yeah, right.’’ When a firefighter asked Bloomberg what Atkins looked like when the pair met, the mayor replied: ‘‘The guy was fat big guy but heavy.’’

He also said the food Atkins served him was’’ inedible’’. Bloomberg said: ‘‘I took one appetiser and I had to spit it into my napkin. It was terrible.’’

dailyrecord.co.uk/news/conte … _page.html

The Atkins diet was poison to my system, but I have been very successful (down 30 lbs. in just over a year) using The Hacker’s Diet. Like another poster advocated, it takes the healthy approach of focusing on cutting calories and increasing exercise (although it also shows that exercise is not a large factor in any normal weight loss plan–one should instead exercise for health reasons).

Grapefruits are set to make a comeback in the world of weight loss as new research shows they actually do help you shed those pounds of blubber.

Grapefruit diet ‘works’