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Does anyone have any thoughts on the Dr Eye program for use by an English speaker ? I used an old version and it seemed to be helpful in looking at Chinese stuff. Wondering if anyone else has any thoughts or experiences with using it ?

I’ll let you know as I will be installing it in the next few weeks. Not sure what version it is or anything, but someone told me it is very very useful. However, even though I am using Win 2000 they told me the icons will still be unreadable, not Chinese and not English, more like garbally gook.

Yes, I have English XP, so I would like to know how useful it is on that.
I did see it on English Win2000, I think most of it was readable, I don’t remember any gobblegook

I have help install it for a my friends on win2ken and winxpen…
no garbage things…all works perfect…lot’s of help for their chinese…


Dr Eye is great. It translates, it’s a dictionary, it talks, and you can even do translations (garbled as they may be) on whole documents.

I love it. BUT, sometimes it does mess up when you are running some other programs along with it.

I’ve been using Dr.Eye 98 on Win2000 Chinese for 2 years without problems. Very useful, a little too useful perhaps since I find myself checking Dr. Eye for unfamiliar phrases that I’d know if only it weren’t so easy to let Dr. Eye think for me.
My (translation) company’s tech support people recommend Dr Eye 98 over the more recent (2000?) edition - is more stable they say.

The most recent version of Dr.eye is 2002. It looks XPlike, smooth I’d say. The multilingual encoding support works better, and the IME for typing Japanese is also very useful sometimes. It comes with Japanese-Chinese dictionary plugin which is also useful sometimes. Really hope there’s a good version of Japanese-English plugin.

And yes, sometimes it conflicts with other applications. Just had this problem last week and I tell our translator to deshabile Dr. eye completely before they install the the translation tool.


My Dr. Eye works great over the past few years on various operating systems. I wish Dr. Eye can choose which language to translate when the cursor is moved over text. I would like to leave “Instant Translation” on all the time so that I can translate Chinese on the fly, but it is annoying to have every English text translated by accident when I move my cursor. I wish I can set it to ignore English (or Chinese for Chinese users).

Any suggestions?

I went to their website and got the customer service info. as below.

Customer Service

  1. problems w/submenus
    I’ve used Dr. Eye on English & Chinese Win98, as well as on English Win2000 & Chinese WinXP… In my experience, it seems to work best on Chinese Win98… I’ve especially had problems reading submenus and sometimes even menus using instant translation. Right now I’m on a computer using Chinese WinXP & Dr. Eye 2002, and can’t translate submenu’s in Internet Explorer (nor even menu items in Notepad!)… At a store I was told that Dr. Eye 2002 doesn’t support instant translation of submenus. Is that true??? I do seem to recall having better success with the previous version with submenus…
    But all in all, I love Dr. Eye :slight_smile:

  2. what about on PocketPC
    Has anyone used it on a PocketPC based PDA?

Check this out



I just installed Dr. Eye and its GREAT! But does anyone know how to turn on the hanyu pinying? I know it can be done … but i can’t read chinese to turn this feature on. Help?

I use Dr.eye on a traditional Chinese win 98SE and it works great :slight_smile: I didn’t find much conflicts with other programs …

Dr Eye works fine for me - I did notice a long time and a few versions ago that you get English menus if you install it to an English operating system and Chinese menus if you install to a Chinese operating system. I have tried to get English menus on Chinese operating system but never succeeded. Setting EnableLangDlg=Y in setup.ini gets the “chose a language” during instalation, but it only applies during instalation.

Yes, Dr. Eye is a wonderful program. I have used both 1998 and 2000 versions, and it has actually supplanted all other Chinese entry systems. Who cares about typing in the zhu-yin or pin-yin, and then hunting down the list of 20 possible characters, when you can just type in the English, and use your mouse to pluck out the Chinese! (Admittedly it still helps to be able to choose the most appropriate Chinese term from the alternatives offered, but at least they all have similar meanings).
But, what is the rumor that the Doctor runs under English Windows as well as under Chinese Windows? I have never succeeded in getting it to work under English ME, 98 or XP, even with plenty of Chinese fonts installed. If there is a way to do so I wish someone would give me some “for idiots” instructions.
My most recent misadventure along those lines came when setting up (English) Windows XP. I experimented with installing Dr. Eye 2000 and lived to regret it. Forget “system restore”, it screwed up my registry so badly I had to delete the partition and start over, after two days of trying to sort the mess out. Fortunately I had not yet activated the XP installation, but the time wasted made it a painful experience indeed. Does the 2002 version work better?

It is a while back now - I am sure I had it installed under English Win98SE and it had English menus. In those days I had a dual boot English/Chinese system, with Dr Eye98 installed in both.

Now I have no English O/S installed. I have a lot of software with English version installed and almost all works fine. The latest patch for Outlook Explorer screwed a few things up, so I installed IE6 Chinese and then English menus for IE6 - not as good as it used to be but I know most of the Chinese now - or know what I am looking at anyway.

I figured out that Dr Eye 98 only has bopomofo where as Dr Eye 2002 has both hanyu pinyin and bopomofo. I’ll have to look up rian’s suggestion on changing my settings for the setup.ini file.

I am running a win98 machine and reinstalling Dr Eye 2002. I did the modifications mentioned by rian.




but no change … its still a chinese menu. Has anyone else had any luck with this?

Yeah - it just changed the install dialog to English for me

I’ve tried the change EnableLangDlg+Y
and it shows a dialog for choosing installation language…
thanks for the tips