Dr. Milker 10,000 likes. Congratulations


Whilst we bang away on these forums , we sometimes forget the individual efforts that make them more interesting and engaging . Interest has to be created, and Moo Milker has been instrumental in generating copious amounts of debate , observation, humour, obstinacy and a whole lot of traffic.
Without that traffic , Forumosa would be a quieter place . Mods work hard , Gus worked hard ( well he used to :sweat_smile:) to give us a window and platform .
Sometimes Members help , sometimes argue , but it has built up into a busy Community , where we get to know each other’s foibles and can discuss most things .
It gets heated at times , especially in these polarized times, but I honestly think it’s a pretty even split .Some prefer not to comment.
It represents a slice of life …we can be at Polar opposites , frustrated and in disagreement , but that just mirrors real life.
It’s good to be able to browse and comment …or not . Helped me when I am stuck at home alone .
Forumosa would be a worse place without Milker ; in spite of him being a pain at times, and 10,000 likes ( almost) shows the admiration many feel .
It deserves a mention , in spite of the roasting I will get for being soft from the people I know. They will be swines :laughing: Wouldn’t have it any other way.
Thanks @Dr_Milker .


Is he the first to join the 10,00 club?

where do you look to see?

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If you click the 3 bars on the top right by your avatar, then Forumosans, he is in a league of his own . Then “All Time” Forumosa , before the change , used to display likes …Not sure if the new format will ?


I see it now.

10k is another level.

Wow, i didn’t know I became such a hermit looking at the list.


He’s the funniest cow that I ever knew.


He’s a punny, punny guy… er, cow.


Everyone likes our sweet bovine!


Congrats cow man.

Also just learned about the “Forumosans” page lol. Lot of work to get to legendary status :innocent:


@Dr_Milker :two_hearts: club



Man my likes given is seriously low. I gotta get on that shit. Expect a lot of likes people. Expect to get liked even when you is calling me a dick.:rofl:


Let us do a like 4 like. In the spirit of Forumosa


Yes, but I see he has given less than half of what he has received. Hmmmm.

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You have some good observations there.
I’m also one of those who reads more than posts, but without the posters, I’d have nothing to read. (Kind of obvious, I know :smirk: )
The ruminant one is surely one of the biggest contributors if this forum, but so are you @shiadoa, together with the top ones @Icon, @Andrew0409, @Brianjones, @IbisWtf, @tempogain and many others. It’s not for no reason that you guys are on the top list.
I do appreciate your contribution in this community.
And don’t worry, you’ll get to the 10k soon :wink:


Only if your name is Richard :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh so now this has become a discussion on male’s genetics superiority?
Well, I would have expected no less from a thread celebrating our resident cow.

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“Hamburger button” :slightly_smiling_face:

Congrats :cow:, on milking out this incredible record!


I had a hard time to figure out what it means, when I first read the name.

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I’m sure @Andrew0409 will blow way past 10000 if he continues his Life in Malaysia saga. Still waiting for Season 3!


Thank you and I would just like to state for the record…that @Brianjones is the MOST GENEROUS with his likes of all contributors.

What a nice bloke. Remember that.:smiley:


I missed the “you” in the sentence… :fearful:

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