Dr. NO dies at 91

cbc.ca/arts/film/story/2009/ … oseph.html

The first James Bond villain , Dr. NO has died at 91.

Dr. Who?

[quote=“irishstu”]Dr. Who?[/quote]No, he’s dying at Christmas.

Oh No!

Hey that was the first Bond film and a great success and started things rolling for Jack Lord (as Felix and later of Hawaii Five O fame) and of course Sean Connery. AS well as a very sexy Ursula Andress (Ursula Undress more likely) . Iv since watched the movie again and it wasnt bad, and started off the suave spy genre.

He was also in that movie that echoes irishstu’s life: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Yup, especially since he was hoping for Chlitty Chatty bang bang.

When you get past 90, cause of death is just a formality.