Dr. Seuss and Literacy

I’ve recently discovered that Dr. Seuss books are the key to literacy in my classroom. The content of the books is so perfect… between the rhyme scheme, the pictures, the simple language, and the repeated phonics/spelling rules reinforced in each book, I find myself in awe at how much kids love to read these books. Some books, like Green Eggs and Ham, Fox in Socks, etc., give them the confidence they need to keep improving, and within a year, a kid I tutored went from pretty illiterate (nervous to read even basic words) to able to read through the entire How the Grinch Stole Christmas and also The Lorax. Has anyone else had this kind of success with the good doctor?

Yep. We start them with Hop on Pop and work our way upwards from there. We own 15 copies of each book, so we have quite the collection!

Yep. We start them with Hop on Pop and work our way upwards from there. We own 15 copies of each book, so we have quite the collection![/quote]
Wow, 15 copies… I have one of each.

The dood goctor is Awesome. The only one I knew as a kid was Horton The Elephant, but we now have loads and they’re among my daughter’s favourite books. She’s only just starting to learn to read, but pretty sure she’ll be picking up these on her own soon. I don’t see all the nonsense words as being a problem, unlike some - they’re all easily read phonetically…

She especially likes:
Octember the First
I had trouble in getting to Solla Sollew

I especially like:
What Was I Afraid Of (aka Pale Green Pants)
The Sneetches

…the best Sneetches on the beaches!

right on cue and unprompted, The Cat in the Hat is thrust into my hand for a reading … :smiley:

Even the foot book is excellent for opposites. My kids both started on Dr. Seuss early on. For class, I did The thinks you can Think for 3rd graders and they absolutely loved it, before long they were writing their own thinks - kids who think creative writing is a torture!

Where could one perhaps pick up more copies of Dr. Seuss books in Taiwan? and what’s the price?

Well, books.com.tw seems to have a lot.

We get ours at Caves in NeiHu, not expensive, around 250. My kids are learning to read from both Dr.Seuss and the non fiction readers that Caves also carries.

How’s the selection?? Do they have some of the less popular titles? Such as “Oh Say Can You Say?” and “I Had Trouble in Getting to Solla Sollew”?

The kids need some new readers so I’ll go by on Tuesday morning and let you know.