Dr. Sketchy's Taipei (DST): Alice in Wonderland 3/27 @ 20四6

“Dr. Sketchy’s is when cabaret meets art school.”

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[color=#0040FF]As a tribute to Lewis Carroll’s classic tale, Alice in Wonderland (and really because of the buzz from Tim Burton’s movie version out this month), we are bringing Alice’s fantasy to Dr. Sketchy’s Taipei’s March session.

Starting this month, in addition to a discounted admission fee of NT$ 500 upon RSVP, we are now including 50% off 1 beer/cocktail-of-the-day or other non-alcoholic drinks not on the snack bar.

Come with Alice to Sketchyland and get a chance to win some[/color] [color=#BF0080]Ginjer[/color] [color=#0040FF]cupcakes![/color]

[color=#0040FF]20四6 lounge bar is located at: No. 24, Lane 205, Chung Hsiao East Rd. (behind California Fitness Gym - Chung Hsiao Branch)

To RSVP, please e-mail us at drsketchytaipei@gmail.com with your names and contact numbers.
*Please note RSVP NOT by e-mail does not guarantee seating at a full session.[/color]

Dr. Sketchy’s Taipei (DST) is a theme-based figure drawing event with beautiful, bizarre, and sensationl performers/models from alterntive scenes. Add a touch of refreshment and prizes, life drawing has never been more lively. There are no teachers or critics at Dr. Sketchy’s Taipei, because we want everyone to just have fun.

Artist or no artist, if you enjoy art, want to be inspired, or just feel a bit rebellious, come join us at Dr. Sketchy’s Taipei.

Website: http://drsketchytaipei.com
Facebook: Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School - Taipei (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dr-Sketchys-Anti-Art-School-Taipei/196448427708)
E-mail: drsketchytaipei@gmail.com

Drawing pictures of naked ladies? I’m IN! :thumbsup:

For clarification purposes (as indicated in our FAQ): Due to legal issues, we are not permitted full nudity in public venues. However, our models are dressed in various minimal forms of clothing/accessories as subjects to life drawing :slight_smile:

Bummer! Oh well. Its back to the Internet for me then. :cry:

Dr. Sketchy’s Taipei 最近經過一些調整後, 其一調整則是入場費.

即日起, 一般入場費均一價 NT$ 450, 第二位 8 折! 入場之後仍可享 1 杯半價的當日啤酒/特調. 活動中仍包括一些小點心及無酒精飲料提共給大家.

In preparation to bringing new ideas to heighten your senses, Dr. Sketchy’s Taipei is making some slight adjustments, one of which is pricing.

Starting from our March session this Saturday (3/27), we are offering everyone NT$ 450 per person and 20% off for the second person.

The 1 drink for half-off at the bar (limited to beer/cocktail of the day) is still valid and we will still offer some complimentary snack and non-alcoholic drinks inside.