Drag strip

just wondering…there is no drag strip in Taiwan at all…if I open up one I think I can make some money? since it will be the first one…and I am sure young kids are racing somewhere every night illegally and dangerously…it would be good to put all the kids in one place and let them race to their heart’s content…tw st will be safer and racing in strip is much safer too…what do you guys think? what’s the law on this? could it be it’s prohibited so there is no drag strip at all? thanks

aww yeah…“run whatcha brung”…can’t wait to see this…blue binlang-stained delivery truck versus 50cc scooter carrying mother father son daughter 2 dogs and a loveseat couch tied to the rear rack with bungie straps

I hate to sound the cynic, but I’d imagine it’d work about as well as it works in my part of NZ. All the tiny-dicked morons in their riced-out Type-R-sticker-clad shitheaps race throughout the city, while a few pro racers take to the strips.

Straight line racing is relatively safe and fun. I’d hang out somewhere where I got to listen to the sound of well tuned engines screaming all day.

There’s a scooter/mortorbike oval in Tainan out past Anping…but it’s no fun when there’s no pedestrians to use as pylons…cars to pass on the inside/outside…drive at 50 k over the limit…run red lights…talk on the cell phone…

Actually, Mordeth has a point. There is something cool about having the ground vibrate below your feet just before two 900 HP funny cars blast off down a quarter-mile strip. Went to SIR in Seattle one year for 54 Funny Cars and it was a… blast! Especially them wheely bars sparking down the strip at night. Very cool. :sunglasses:

why the fuck not , give it a shot.
Maybe it is just what is needed for some of these cowboy wannabe 's to feel good
IT may be the idea that makes you a rich man, or not
But give it some thought it mat work

I’ve also wondered the same. I bet the new track in Pintung county has one. Most race tracks use their straight away as a drag strip on off days.