Dragon Boat Festival - anyone taking part?

With the dragon boat festival happening in a few weeks, I was wondering if any Forumosans are taking part in the races.

I’m toying with the idea of doing a photoessay on the races and crews, but my poor Chinese skills probably limits me to looking for a crew made up of English speakers.

So is there anyone here who’s both taking part, and wouldn’t mind being the subject of the photoessay? In return for your time, I’ll provide some free 8x12 prints for all members of the crew. I’d be looking at covering some training beforehand plus the actual race days.

Anywhere on the west coast between Kaohsiung and Taipei is fine.

Many thanks.

We are setting up a team for a race in Xinzhu, actually Nanliao old fisher men harbor. Need to defend “my title” even I won it with a different boat and crew. :smiley:

PM and we can try to arrange something.

Does anyone know when and where the events will be this year? I tried Googling it a few days ago but I only found info for the 2006 races.

Sanxia, June 15-16 2007 … I’ll be there … to make pictures, not to race

The actual holiday for Dragon Boat Festival is Tues 19th June. I think the Monday is a day off as well.

Thanks for the replies. I was hoping there would be events on Tuesday the 19th (or Mon) because we have a special guest arriving on the 17th.

There’ll be events in Taipei on the Mon/Tues.