Dragon boat festival & covid (2020 edition)

Is there any official word on whether this will get canceled due to covid?

In kaohsiung they have a big night market by the races at love river, wondering in particular if that’s still going on.

Judging from this piece, events will probably go as planned, but with social distancing and mask wearing.

So far they are not going to sell non-reserved (standing) tickets for THSR and regular trains.

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Thank you

How do you social distance in a dragon boat? Two rowers?

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Tandem/longer boats

4 days holiday

There is no virus in Taiwan. Why wouldn’t it go ahead?

Risk of Norwegians?

As press, we have to sign up ahead at the site. We will be informed of other measures. I do not like the sound of that.

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We planned a trip

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Also related to Kaohsiung in particular, does anyone know whether the night market that surrounds Love River will be on just the 25th, or which days it goes from/to otherwise?

Anywhere I can find kaohsiung-specific information for the proceedings tonight (start and end times, location of the night market, etc.) For kaohsiung - or does anyone know?

I tried googling but mostly got old vague stuff from travel bloggers about previous years’ events, usually in different cities.

Just like to point out what a bold first post this is. “We planned a trip”. Up there with “I had a farm in Africa”, or “Call me Ishmael”.

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Most of Dragon Boat racing at day on I-Her (River)

Also the food (shows Southern vs. Taipei version) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjIk2Cwz0rE which you you buy at local traditional market in area (no need to travel far), if they sell more than ask for local version. Last keep safe with a mask, the possible Southern Taiwan covid-19 case from the international student on the news yesterday.

Not sure what I-Her is… will it be the same spot as last year, near the Ambassador hotel?

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I wore my mask to get here but it is impossible to keep it on at 38 degrees.

Nobody else is wearing and we are seated like sardines in the shade.

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Isn’t the race at night?

Is there stuff to do all day?

Hence “Press Tent”

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So it looks like the Kaohsiung one has been cancelled after all?