Dragon boat festival events

Can anyone tell me where to find out when and where Dragon Boat festival events are happening in Taipei?

I don’t know about Taipei but in Kaohsiung I know races are scheduled for Sunday (afternoon and evening) and Wednesday at the Love River and Wufu Rd. There might be races on other days but those are the days that I’m Dragon Boating.

Thanks. I don’t think I’ll make it down there but that sounds fun.

They’re usually Dajia Riverside Park in Taipei city, and Bitan in Xindian.

Yes. They’re are def. at Dajia riverside park again. You could try calling info for Foreigners or Taipei citizens hotline for details, 0800024111. For get the Taipei number.

It’s quite big in Jeelong. At the harbor.

Bitan is the venue for the President’s Cup races. Its a bit less frenetic than the Taipei City ones (he said knowledgeably, although he’s never been, despite living a minute’s walk from the place).

Anybody know the rehearsal dates and schedules?? Last year we went to one of the rehearsal races, what a treat that was!!!

2010 Taipei Dragon Boat Festival is in 6/11 to 6/13. It has different kind of activities there. And Tomorrow it has the Dragon Boat Finals at 1pm to 3 pm. Here is the website: 2010dragonboat.tpec.edu.tw/bin/ sorry, i cant find the English version for you.
If you want to go, they have bus to take ppl there. You can take the bus near at the Exit 2 of Chungshiao Fushing MRT station.

p.s. sorry, i’m not good at English, i hope you understand me well…and Happy Dragon Boat Day!

Thanks, I understand fine. That helps a lot.

Is there any events or anything happening on the actual dragon boat day, this wednesday?

I was wondering that too and I found some!


Hope it helps. :slight_smile:

Doesn’t seem like too many. I guess I missed it. :frowning:

Dragon Boat final races: You can choose Keelung River or Bitan Lake. Only the top best. :wink:

Soccer international championship at Ying Feng Riverside Park (doggie park) Taiwan’s own World Cup.

Tzong tzu eating competitions at the mall nearest you

Don’t forget to buy a herb sachel and put special grass decoration on your door. :wink:

Anyone got any idea what time the Bitan races kick off tomorrow?