Drawing a map on your pc

How would you go about drawing a map (streets, etc.) on your pc? Could I use excel do do it?

I would use Power Point, or Word if necessary.

How would you tilt the street names?

I think you’d want to use some kind of vector based drawing dilly thing.

inkscape.org/ is a free one. I think Corel Draw has a free demo. I remember someone posting about Microsoft releasing one for free some time back. Don’t know if it still is though.

Edit: Here it is [Microsoft Expression]

For Power Point: Right-click the text box, choose ‘Format Text Box’, then ‘Size’ and change the ‘Rotation’ (in degree).

Or do you mean tilt along the horizontal axis? - In that case use ‘Insert WordArt’ instead of the normal Text Box, click ‘WordArt Shape’ and choose the trapezoid shape.