Drawing a map using MS Excel

I’m drawing a simple map with Excel and have run into some difficulties. The columns nd rows cannot be set to cm or mm, so it takes a lot of callibration to get measurements close to exact. It is possible to right click on a shape/line to edit it, but I think the measurements are in inches. How can I get my measurements at least close to exact?

Not the most elegant of solutions, but go to control panel and change your location to a country that uses the metric system, Excel will then use metric rather than imperial.

If you make a table in Word instead of Excel you can set the row and column sizes exactly in cm. Would this do?

Edit to add: The measurement unit in Word can be set independently from Windows’ global setting under Tools>Options>General

I’ll try your suggestions and see how it goes. Thanks.

I think it might just be what I’ve been a looking for.