Dream of a Day with City Specific Forums

Hope someday there will be specific forums where we can talk and ask questions like what’s going on tonight or where is the best burger or anyone who want to hook up or whatever in city forums like Tainan and Taichung and Taitung and Kenting and Hualien.

Facebook has them and some have a lot of chat.

Everything in Forumosa is default assumed talking about Taipei and it’s not good. And actually kind of boring.


I agree on the mentality (and 100% guilty of it) - the capital city of most countries doesn’t represent the overall country. Just look at London, or Washington D.C.

Can’t we ‘tag’ cities in the topic or something?


Tags work really well for this



Tags are mostly useless. People don’t go looking to talk about something and say hey and let me search for the tag first.

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But anyone can click on the city tags anytime they want to see a list of posts about those places, or create posts in any forum with those tags, and Regular users and mods can add tags to posts. There is a Tags list on the hamburger menu, but we could figure out a way to give place tags more visibility.

If tags don’t work can the topics be organized in a certain manner in the open forum?

Example: K/Where’s the Best burger (K being for Kaoshiung) or Best Burger (Kao)?

I think there should be a popup occasionally or maybe a link somewhere with 5 or 10 recents posts that have no response :roll_eyes: and ask if you would like to reply.


If Facebook already serves this purpose, then why should Forumosa? Most of us never want to actually see each other IRL, anyway.

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I think this could be mitigated by somewhat by encouraging people to put in tags when they create a new topic. Since many topics don’t contain tags, they are left to the AI to figure out what is good or not.

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100 per cent agree.
Somebody needs to take ownership though.

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Restaurants already have that separation. So that is good. Maybe split Living in Taiwan?

Just imagine someone showing up who is living outside Taipei and finding a Kaohsiung forum or a Taitung forum and maybe a couple sub threads.

If I was living in one of those cities I would love to find that thread.

I sometimes consider spending a month to 3 months in Kaohsiung and knowing if I come to Forumosa, I can’t just jump into a Kaohsiung forum and chat, because there isn’t one.

I’m already a member of the Facebook Kaohsiung groups and I’ll probably do more talking there but much less because it’s too public.

I’m not sure if there are going to be enough people to keep city-specific forums going, although I suppose there’s a slim chance that, if we build the forums, users will come.

Why not have something like a “Tainan 2019” and “Taitung 2019” thread, like we already do with Costco or typhoons or weather? Perhaps collecting those threads in a new “Regional” forum under “Taiwan” would work. Even things like “Danshui 2019” or “Sanchong 2019” may be useful - once in a while I toy with the idea of posting things like “I’m bored! Anyone want to go out for dinner in Danshui tomorrow?”

Wuxinglane600/2020…sign me up

But even if people tag a post as Taichung, you’ll still have a bunch of Taipei people jumping in because they didn’t read carefully.

You’ll have to say something like “Where is the best burger in TAICHUNG? DO NO REPLY IF YOU DON’T LIVE IN TAICHUNG.”

There’s a Selfish Burger in Xinyi. Not bad at all!




Had the same feelings about Reddit. r/taiwan is ok for what it is, but it would be so much more interesting if there were active subreddits for every county/city.

The most active FB group for where I live is the Taitung/Taidong group, but most of the guys I know just use separate groups on Line or Messenger.

Hard to say how this would work on Forumosa given that I don’t know where most people here are living and how many people even use the site.

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This is not for @BiggusDickus

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