Dream of the Red Chamber

Has anyone seen the complete five-volume English translation of “Dream of the Red Chamber” (Hongloumeng) by David Hawkes anywhere in Taipei? The only place I can think of that might have it is Caves, but I don’t want to trek all the way over there (I’m in Zhonghe) if they don’t have it.

Hastily got a number for the Taichung Caves. Funnily enough all my web searches ended up with the Taichung store.

I guess you could call and ask. They are able to track books between stores.



I’ve seen it at the Eslite in Gongguan across the street from Taida. You should probably call them first with the ISBN number though to make sure that it is in stock.

The Eslite in Gongguan had volumes two through five, so I picked them up. Now all I need to do is find volume one … Thanks for the tip, Feiren!