Dream Water Floatation Tanks in Dazhi



But the clients are ‘encouraged’ to clean themselves (shower thoroughly) prior to use.

I have used these devices, also known as ‘Isolation Tanks’, several times in the past.
Not really for the timid or easily freaked-out without professional guidance.[/quote]

That kind of reminds me of Fringe.[/quote]

Without the ‘wiring’ … :smiley:


[quote=“circleback”]Buddy used to have one of these in his basement in Boulder, CO. Great experience. I don’t suggest heavy psychedelics in conjunction with this though!

2k/float is a bit on the high end though I must say.[/quote]

That works out at around £40 though yeah? if thats for 60 minutes then its a bargain. I’ve tried this in the UK prices average around £35 for 30 or 40 minutes.

Very into this kind of stuff…good for meditation.


Looks cool…thinking about trying it.

Any updates on pricing? Is the company still in business?


[quote=“Madgix”]Hey all,

Dreamwater is giving not ONE, but TWO crazy promotions! Just for members of Forumosa!!!

Promo #1:

A very special discount for all students! Up to 60% off.

Oh dear Lord, YES!!

You will be hearing from me! :slight_smile:

Edit: I now realize that was 1 and a half years ago. :o



EDIT. And this:




Are they still floatation tanks operators in business in Taipei ?