Dreamhosts Advice

Hello all,

Don’t know if this is the right place to ask, or who to direct the question to, but can anyone offer any advice about Dreamhosts hosting service? I vaguely remember seeing somewhere that Forumosa is now hosted by Dreamhosts. I’ve read good reviews about Dreamhosts but am unclear which package to go for. The site would be a lot less busy than Forumosa - does this use the basic $9.95/mth package?

I’m particularly interested in bandwidth and MySQL traffic and how quickly it gets eaten up.


I currently use DreamHost for all my domains. I’ve found DreamHost to be excellent as far as technical features and service. They have just about everything you’d ever want, and more. They have an extensive knowledge base that answers most of your questions, and if not, they will get around to answering you … I say “get around” as I’ve rarely found it necessary to contact them because their PHP-driven control panel is SO AWESOME. It lets you do everything you want without their assistance. I’ve never seen a competitor with such a robust interface for self-service down to the nitty-gritty details.

One word of caution: Where their packages are competitively priced for the tons of features they offer, the Web space, and MySQL usage, they do have server problems for time to time. Not a lot, mind you. But it is wierd when they announced that they FORGOT to renew their own domain and that would affect services for seveal days here and there.

So, they might go down from time to time, although not enough for me to go elsewhere, even if I were hosting a Web store. They are up and running with cool integrated features enough for my needs. They are great for just about anything you can think of, personal or corporate. This would be the kind of host provider you’d stick with until your business actually needed dedciated hosting with an engineer sitting at the console 24 hours.

If you’re a newcomer to the Web, the basic-level “Crazy Domain Insane” account at Dreamhost should be more than enough for you.

I have several sites running on one account there and have never had to pay for extra bandwidth or “conueries.” If you need to upgrade, you can do so in the middle of a billing period without penalty.

I’ve been quite happy with the company, and the tech support staff is quite good.

If you sign up with them and put in Forumosa.com for your referral, this site will get credit towards its own account (and it won’t cost you anything extra). :sunglasses:

Thanks for the advice - I was on the verge of going for them anyway and that was all the recommendations I needed. I’ve always been happy with my current 1and1 hosting but I finally need MySQL and Dreamhosts seem lika a better deal.

Is that all I need to put in when I sign up, Forumosa.com? I see that they have a link you can put on your page to refer people and get the cash as well. From reading what they say it sounds that their referral program could be more worthwhile than Amazon and other stores I’ve seen.

I’ll wait and hear to make sure that there’s nothing else I need to enter when I sign up.


I’m not sure what’s included, but there’s a quality hosting service which is giving away three years of free hosting, mentioned in this thread, among others:


You would need to find someone in the U.S. to take a call from them to get a PIN, though.

Also, a long time back, someone mentioned www.8-95.com as a hosting service. I’ve been using them for a trivial site, and they’ve been fine for what I needed. It’s nine bucks every six months, billable to a credit card, and seems to work fine. One caveat, although they claimed that they didn’t keep credit-card numbers on file, they apparently do; my card was re-billed automatically without me doing anything. Which is mostly ok by me, but it does bother me that they claimed they wouldn’t do that and then did it. . . .