DreamTV satellite problems?

Any other DreamTV satellite package users out there experiencing problems with their system(s) ? Most of the channels seem to now be locked out on my smartcard.

No StarTV… aargh !

Mine is fine today. However, I’ve had occasional problems with it, where it sometimes says a channel is locked, but then shows it anyway after a couple of seconds, or it just chucks a hissy fit and packs up completely which I usually solve by turning the digital receiver off and on again and/or removing and re-inserting the smart card. Don’t know if that will solve anything for you. Presumably you’re up to date with your subscription? Otherwise maybe talk to the guy who sold it to you :slight_smile:

… e-mailed the guy who installed it - said he’d make some calls and should be back working again later this evening

Do you get David Letterman on that system? How much $? Who/where do you get it from?

Can somebody please tell me where to get dream tv satellite.Can I see rugby and cricket on it.How many sports channels does it have and how much do you need to pay for it.

Search this forum using Dream TV.

Should come up easily.


Anyone experiencing problems with their Dream Sat TV today? I can get most Philipine channels but no international ones like Tech TV etc.

Also, do you ever see something that says this channel is not handled by your card on channels that you should and do get? It flashes up there for a few seconds ont he screen then goes away, but it has been doing that from the beginning.

Sometimes the DreamTV system goes a bit nuts… usually sorts itself out after a few mins though. If it goes off for a while ( as happened to mine at the start of this thread ! ) - send the guy an e-mail… he’s usually fairly quick at getting problems resolved.