"dressed" salads with style, Now Open in Taipei!

An He Rd. Sec. 2, No. 169.
Tel. 2733-9393
Open Hours 11:00am - 09:00pm All Week
(New Salad Bar)

Welcome to dressed®, the world’s most innovative and stylish dining experience created for today’s health-conscious eaters. We offer salads with style, artisan sandwiches, paninis, homemade soups & smoothies – all tailored just for you in a crisp, clean, contemporary environment.

INNOVATIVE – At dressed®, you are the curator of your own meal. Step up to our friendly connoisseurs who create custom-tailored salads according to your daily whim – or simply choose from one of our ‘Chef Designed’ salads created by our Executive Chef, Justin Smolev, who has worked at some of America’s greatest restaurants. With over 70 gourmet salad ingredients and 24 original interpretations of classic dressings, dressed® offers up combinations that never cease. If you’re not feeling like a salad, we offer artisan sandwiches, hot paninis, and homemade soups made fresh daily. You can even add a boost to your day with one of our freshly blended smoothies.

STYLISH – When you step into dressed® you step into a world of style. With locations and influences that span from urban America to the bustling financial district of Hong Kong, we’ve fashioned together a distinct, contemporary design that awakens your senses with a hip, chic feel and a color palette as bold as our menu. We’re serious about our dining environment and want our customers to enjoy the spoils of our research. Dine and work. Dine and don’t work. At dressed® you can login to our free wifi, kick back to our groovy beats, and people watch our fabulous clientele while relaxing in our serene social space. Feel the world converge in the coolest setting with the most comprehensive menu in town.

HEALTH-CONSCIOUS – “You are what you eat!” – Quite the cliché statement but, one we all know is clothed in truth. At dressed®, we love great tasting food. We have trained around the world to bring our customers what they desire most: meals that help you feel better; renew your energy and give you sound piece of mind as you contribute to your own health and well-being.
At dressed® our goal is to deliver real innovation in dining out, a heightened sense of style and fresh healthy meals that are enjoyable, stimulating, and delicious. So get dressed® and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

An He Rd. Sec. 2, No. 169.
Tel. 2733-9393
Open Hours 11:00am - 09:00pm All Week

While I don’t appreciate the boilerplate text, I have heard good things about the dressed on Anhe.

This is obviously the new trend in Taipei and a welcome one. saladay’s doing good business (even if its over-priced), Fresh is a bargain by comparison.

From burgers and pizza to salads…it’s starting to make sense now.

I don’t have time to read all that, but I’d like to buy salads. You forgot the important bit: where is “dressed”, and when do you open?

When doing press releases and suchlike, get the basics in first: What, where, when.

I find that VERY hard to believe. You’re a CHAIN, aren’t you? :ponder:

I met with Chef Khaled today and would like to officially welcome him as our newest Corporate Member. Dressed can be found across the street from Carnagies, and yes, from my frequent visits to restaurants in Taiwan, innovative and stylish do well describe this fresh new dining option in the ever-increasingly popular Anhe Lu district. Welcome to Forumosa, dressed. I hope we are enjoying your fare for years to come.

[quote=“finley”]I don’t have time to read all that, but I’d like to buy salads. You forgot the important bit: where is “dressed”, and when do you open?

When doing press releases and suchlike, get the basics in first: What, where, when.[/quote]

Its basically opposite Carnage; 168 anho sec. 2

Thank you all for the welcome and the constructive criticisms. We will be adding our shop info to the original post on top! Thanks again.

We went there today for a late lunch. My wife and I were chatting and commenting on how the salads were pretty good… when… my wife shrieked and took something which looked very much like a large fingernail clipping out of her mouth. Somewhat disgusted, we called over one of the staff, who had a look at the clipping, took it away rather quickly, delivered the usual 'sorry/‘bu hao yi si’, removed my wife’s salad and offered to replace it with another. When my wife’s replacement salad arrived, I asked the server how it was possible for such a thing to find its way into one of their salads. She responded by saying that it wasn’t a nail clipping but just a piece of plastic which probably got into the veggies while they were being washed. It’s a possibility, but it sure looked like a big nail clipping, and that grossed us out. I pointed out that it wasn’t acceptable to find a piece of plastic in a salad either (what if a little kid had swallowed it!), for which I got the standard ‘sorry/bu hao yi si’ again. When we were ready to leave, I asked to talk to the manager, to bring the incident to his/her attention. The guy I talked to (not sure if he was in fact the manager, but he said ‘you can talk to me’) repeated the ‘plastic from packaging’ theory of how the clipping got in the salad. We were polite and did not cause a scene, but I expected a little more than the standard ‘sorry’ and a replacement salad, from a customer relations standpoint even the offer of a free drink can do a lot to make up for a shortcoming. We had been looking forward to trying ‘Dressed’ and this was our first visit. We did finish our salads, which were quite tasty, and contained good ingredients (apart from the offending clipping) but the experience was ruined, and we certainly didn’t leave with the “sound peace of mind” described in the first posting in this thread. For the price paid (about $700 for two salads and a smoothie), I would have expected quality control and customer service to be of a higher standard. I have never discovered any such clippings in cheap simple salads bought from convenience stores. Hopefully, they will investigate how the clipping could have got into the food, so that other customers will not have the same unwelcome discovery while eating there.

I realise it’s hard to get good salad ingredients here, but that’s just a ridiculous price. Saladay is very good and a lot cheaper. Or I can go to the local steak chain, pay NT$250 or so, and dig into the all-you-can-eat salad bar. And get a steak. I don’t see “dressed” surviving even what minimal competition there is in Taiwan, unless they can reduce their prices and refrain from dropping garbage in the food.

How can this place compete with Saladay? $200 NT base vs. $140 NT at Saladay?

What is Fresh?

Unfortunate. Foreign objects in food are a disappointment that do happen on occasion, and a very hard thing to monitor, even in the best run kitchens. Packaging is probably what it was, I find it very hard to believe that someone was out back clipping their nails, or had their hand in such a state that a clipping size bit of nail just fell off. The real danger is when bits of tin can fall into food after they have been opened.

I wish these people all the best as it seems they have good intentions, but it will be an uphill climb. Vegetable prices are as high as they have ever been in Taiwan, and you are going to have a really hard time convincing a local that it is a good idea to eat a salad any time between now and Tomb Sweeping Day. Couple that with the rent of a corner venue on that street and the b/e point must be quite high.

jia yo muthafuckas, jia yo!

Hello Sir,

Thank you for your posting and bringing this issue to our attention.

We would like to sincerely apologize for your unpleasant experience here at dressed. We agree that it’s unacceptable to serve you food with foreign objects in it, and we are very sorry that you and your wife had to go through that ordeal. We would like to assure you that we’ve investigated the matter and it’s definitely a shard from one of our vegi supplier’s packaging material, this is actually the second time this incident has happened, and every since the first time it happened, we’ve been putting in much more man hours hand picking through all the leaves to insure that it will not happen again. We are as surprised as you are to have found this piece of plastic in your order, and will be working even harder to insure the quality of our food in the future.

We’ve also had a talk with our managers and made sure to educated them regarding more customer relations aspects of our business. Please accept our deepest apologies and a sincere private invitation for you and your wife for your next visit to dressed, if you can email your contact info to info@dressedsalads.com.tw, we’d like to call you personally and extend an invitation.

Thank you again for bringing this to our attention and sorry again for your troubles.