Driver`s license for scooter?

I dont have an International Driver's license, nor an A.R.C. but I would like to get a license for driving a scooter (up to 150 cc) here.. Is that possible? I got a students visa and students would need some kind of transportation… right?
Sooo… Can I show up at a driving school with my passport & the papers from my school & take the test? Or do I need to bribe some officials at the motor vehicle supervision Dept?

There is no such think as a student visa in Taiwan. You must have a visitor visa.

Without an ARC I don’t think you can take the test. There is a thread on this in Oriented somewhere.

It might be worth a try though. They’re very inconsistent about licences. Years after getting my 6 year driving licence, I notice Richard here had to go on TV to get his. You might be lucky. Richard had to go to court because the law said you licence only lasted as long as your ARC - but I know other people who got 6 year licences before Richard tested the law. Long ago, I just traded my UK licence in for a Taipei car licence, but I had to take the bike test. Give it a try you never know what you might get.

Yeah… Thats right. Its a visitors visa…
Well, Ill give it a try! Cant I get an A.R.C. if I`m studying?

You can get a resident visa if you have been studying for 6 months and your visitors visa cannot be extended any further (the limit is six months). But if you leave during that period, the clock goes back to zero when you return. So you have to spend 6 months in Taiwan without leaving. I did it in 92, and it meant I could register my bike get a driver’s licence and have a huge orange ARC to take up space in my pockets. You don’t have to leave the country.

Just a question about this…Is it true if I get a 50cc scooter, I do NOT need an International License? (I have my Canadian (SK) license)…(I DO have an ARC though)…


To drive legally in Taiwan you need either a valid international driving license OR a local driving license. The official explanation, (although not a very good) is at:

Some advice is also published on the AIT (US consular) site:

If you do not already have one, you can and should obtain an international license in Taiwan. Just go to one of the ‘DMV’ offices. In Taipei they are on Ba De Rd and on Cheng Der Rd. There are strict time limits for these licenses.

What happens in reality is that many foreigners do not bother to get a license, or drive forever on foreign issued international permists. They know the chances of receiving more than a telling-off from the police are rather small. If however you were involved in an accident and did not have a valid license, you may face stiff penalities.

You can only get a local driving license if you have an ARC. Passing the motorcycle test is very easy, see the following post for a full expanation:
The license has to be renewed annually when the ARC is renewed, but it is just an office procedure, you do not have to take the test again.

The AIT also issue a warning:

quote[quote]***Please be aware that operating a scooter or motorcycle in Taiwan can be very dangerous. Three American citizens in Taiwan have died in recent scooter accidents. If you choose to ride a scooter, use extreme caution.***[/quote]

They are not kidding. Ride safely and know your limitations!

Heh, I ended up driving around without any license… The eaziest solution, for now…


You might need to find a big jecket which could cover your skin and arm…someone told me here are some police were trained to speak influent English for foreigner riders…

They call “suggest” them- that means "規勸"機車騎士…
well…what kind “suggestion”…it reminds me the programme which push walkers who walked across the road and ignore the traffic light then will be punished to watch “terrible accident pictures” or “fine 350 NT dollar”

I am not sure it exists or not…