Drivers Licence and Vehicle Types

Hello Everyone.

I have a question regarding which types of vehicles I can drive based on my drivers licence.

I’m a foreigner and have a class B licence and my licence states I can operate 普通小型車。

According to this link it seems to also be known as a #1 licence.

According to that same link this licence allows me to operate “Motor vehicles having a permissible maximum weight not exceeding 3,500 kg and not more than nine seats including the driver’s seat.”.

Based on that definition, that would include even trucks like this one - which seem to have a weight limit intentionally set to circumvent the 3,500 KG limit.

Am I understanding this all correctly? I’m looking at getting a blue truck or a Delica 4wd van.

A Taiwanese person, who used to be a car salesman told me I need a special licence to drive a blue truck or even a Delica van.

I wanted to add that I can have a Taiwanese person help me make the purchase in their name if necessary.

Does anyone know if a class B licence can operate blue trucks and vans?

Thanks very much for any additional insight you can offer.

AFAIK you must be Taiwanese national to be able to drive a blue truck.
They have special regulations for those…

Here is who can personally own (and maybe can drive with a class B licence) a blue truck.附件一之一自用小貨車牌照申領審核規定.htm

Thanks for your reply. I’ll have to go to the Taiwanese DMV and see if its illegal for me to drive a blue truck owned by a Taiwanese national.

Seems you may very well be right. That link tando posted seems to have a lot of stipulations and regulations as to who can own and use a blue truck.

Thanks for that link tando, I was not aware of it.

I’ll go visit the DMV here in Taiwan and inquire there directly.

I’ll post back with what I find out.

Thanks to both of you for your insight.

edit: I’m definitely leaning towards the van at this point, as I’ve seen other foreigners online with those. I’ll still go and inquire at the DMV once the holiday is over.