Driver's License duration Linked to ARC?

I was chatting with a friend on Facebook who told me that the term of driver’s license is linked to the length of the ARC, no exceptions.
Is that true. What happened to the administrative appeal route.
I was able to print out a form provided by Richard Hartzell that when submitted with my paperwork gave me the right to have the full term license instead of expiring every year.
Is this procedure dead?
I got my APARC and live in the country so, I’m not up to date on what newbies need to do.
My FB friend knew nothing of the appeals process.

My ARC expires next year and my drivers licence expires 2023…

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Pretty sure they told me that if I didn’t have an APRC that it would expire in 6 years. If Zapman got his last year, then that makes sense.


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Same here. Got mine two years ago on arc and it’s a 6 year one.
Probably when your friend renews he’ll get a six year license

On an APRC does it expire?

It doesn’t. Mine just has dashes in the expiry date field.

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That’s cool, I never knew that.

Mine doesn’t even have dashes, it’s just left blank.

Same here. They told me when I got mine that it doesn’t expire. Although they may require retesting for the elderly at some point.

Huh weird. Also applied on APRC and mine expires in 2060 :slight_smile:

OMG… I think I’m a bloody criminal!
I don’t usually pay attention to Chinese Dates and in the past I would get a renewal notice for my licenses.
I just looked at my license and it says it expires in year 105.
Now here’s the wacky part. I got into a small motorcycle accident several months ago and I got a ticket for driving with the wrong license.
My license is a car license but I got busted for driving a 100cc motorcycle.
I got a ticket for driving with the wrong license and there was no mention of driving with an expired license.
Did they change the rules? Do licenses no longer expire for a aparc holders?
Soon as I live so far out in the country that I have to travel an hour to get to the motor vehicles office to fix things. Will they make me take a new test? I don’t think I’ll get fined because you only get fined when you’re caught in the act of doing something wrong it seems.

See above. Though, apparently, YMMV.

mate, get it together…your life is in shambles.

I’ve been told by police officers on several occasions that they do not fine or anything for expired drivers licenses. Mine has been expired for TWELVE YEARS and every time I get pulled over (which is fairly frequent…NO RIGHT ON RED!!), I hand them my license from over a decade ago, they issue the right turn ticket…and that’s that.

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How much is that ticket?

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Yeah, how much is the ticket. More importantly, where do you usually get busted for turning on red?
Cops around here stand out like Christmas trees. I’m always on my best behavior.

I get pulled over for right turns on red a couple times a year or so. Ticket isn’t too expensive. Want to say around 800 or so. Cops sit around corners where you can’t see them until you’ve made the turn.

My ARC is valid until 2021; the license until 2025. Maybe they just roll the dice to decide in how long the licenses stay valid…

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