Driver's License English Rule Book


They are telling my friend that called over there that there is no English rules book. I mean a preparatory book.

Can someone tell me where to get one? This is starting to get annoying. How could they have an English test, but no book in English to teach the driving laws that they are testing you on? Argh…where do I get one of those books?


Best I can tell there is no book of road rules in English. I asked at Eslite, Caves bookstores and at the Taipei driving test center (they made a few calls too). Best way to practice is to use the government web site, or get a friend to translate the Chinese books.

You may be interested to see my lengthy posting on this topic at:

I have summarized some of the road rules there.



There is an English book to prepare for the test. In fact, there are two books, one for the car test, and the other for the scooter test. And the books tell each question on the exam (exactly the same words) and even give the answers! I got my books at the Jiayi (“Chiayi”) Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). If you can’t them at the DMV near where you live, I can go to the Jiayi DMV and pick up some extra books (they’re free) and mail them to you.


I called the DMV today and they said there are no such books. Hmm…I will call the Chiayi DMV tomorrow and ask them. If they have it, then I will find out who publishes them call back to the Taipei DMV with this information about Chiayi.

Thanks for the info Mark. I made need your help tomorrow if the Chiayi DMV tells me meiyou.


This may explain the confusion - driving tests are organized by county (as they are by state in the USA). Perhaps Chia Yi’s rule book is translated, but Taipei’s is not?


The English version of the Taiwan driving laws does exist. I called the Chiayi DMV today and found out that their office translated it themselves as a service to the people in their area. Maybe for the gentleman in a previous post that went their year after year to ask for this book.

This is why in Taipei they say it doesn’t exist. The lady in Chiayi was so nice she will use her own money to mail me a copy. After I get it, I will try several ways to make it available to others in Taipei and around Taiwan. Perhaps, show it to the Taipei DMV, contact the publisher and even ask if I can scan the pages and put it on the web.


Perhaps even mail a copy to Ma Ying Jiu to show him the lead taken by Chia Yi!

Although to be fair to Taipei, the online test on the Web seems to have very good correspondance to the real exam questions. I would say if you practice online for half an hour, you will pass the test without a problem. The Website tells you the right answers, although there seems to be a bug in the part that tells you the score.

The site is at:
Press the “Exam CAI” button when you get to the site.


A friend of mine got the english versions in Taoyuan, so they should be out on the whole island - somehow.


You don’t need it though. The only questions you will be asked are those on the online test. Just memorise those.



I got mine in Tainan. I just walked up to the counter and asked for it. I think it’s just a matter of who you talk to.

Goog luck,