Driver's license, is it the same as ID?

Hello, I have a question about getting a license in Taiwan. You guys know how in the States the ID and the License are the same thing, both processed by the DMV right? In Taiwan is it 2 different departments and procedures? Basically I would like to get a Taiwan license, but would not want to mess with my ID or residency (Hu Kou/Hou Ji) so that I don’t get conscription/military problems.

If you have a Taiwan passport that’s recent (or came in on one), watch out about sticking around in Taiwan too long(over 4 months). One day you just might receive a conscription notice.[web page]

Anyway, about the license. Taiwan’s license and ID card are most definitely separate ministries. However, in order to get a license, you need to have a valid Taiwan ID Card or ARC.