Driver's License



I have a South African driver’s and drove legally in the States as the two countries have a reciprocal arrangement. Does Taiwan have any such arrangement for holders of foreign driving permits?



They used to. They changed the law about 5 years ago. Now if you want to drive in Taiwan, you need to sit the local exam. There is an English edition of the road laws and an English Test.


Grasshopper, where can one find the English version of the road laws? And have you ever taken the test? How was it? What about the driving test? Is there a need to practise a bit on one of the driving school courses?


Mucha Man

I was able to change mine over when it was still possible. That meant I didn’t have to do anything other then the medical.

The medical was very straight forward. It was more like a recovery session for stroke victims than anything else.

I’m not sure about where you can get the English version of the road laws probably in a bookstore like Keystone, maybe even Eslite. You don’t have to do driving lessons and if you’ve been riding a motorcycle on the streets then the switch to a car is very smooth.

The thing to be aware about is that having a driver’s license means that if you get stopped by the police you can be processed. The benefit, however,is that if you ever have a serious accident you are legal, and may not end up being the one left carrying the baby.