Driving at 400+ on a German motorway is ok!

In order to drive on the Autobahn your vehicle has to be able to get at least to 60km/h untuned. So if your off-the-shelf scooter can get to 100 km/h you’re good to go onto the Autobahn.

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Interesting ! They are not allowed in Taiwan even though cars go much slower on the motorway.

I guess the issue here isn’t the speed but the utter mayhem it would cause.


They can go fast…


Yes, you can and Yep, they were.

As far as I remember: After the re-unification a lot of money was poured into the former east to bring stuff up to western standards. For a while people were joking that the eastern Autobahn and streets are so much better than the western ones…

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Good ! So now the Western ones need an upgrade. Does Germany also require an orange vest like France?

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Yes they do. Can be yellow, though ^^

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hhaha, I think Frankreich is yellow too, I remember it wrong