Driving instructor recommendation

Mr. Zhong (teacher --jiao lien) 0932-382-291 and Mr. Lin (teacher --jiao lien) way up on Yen Ping North Road Sec. 7, Lane 106, No. 97.

They don’t speak English, I am pretty sure, but I spent over two hours there yesterday (NT$700/hr. 800/hr if you use their car) learning the maneuvers for the drivers test. Mr. Zhong seems to be sort of the laoban and Mr. Lin one of the teachers. He was really super nice and patient. I drove my own car, put on my best Taiwan culture suit, and had a great time.

I think if you don’t have a car they will come pick you up from the Chien Tan MRT station on the Tanshui line.

The place is way out of the way, but not far from the the motor vehicles department where you have to take the test. I went there directly from my session with Mr. Lin and passed with 74 points --not hitting any of the lines, which is the most important thing.

The whole driving test experience is pretty bizarre. I just decided to set off the better part of a day, get into it, and get it done.

Good luck :sunglasses: