Driving licence issue

Posting on behalf of my friend*

Hello everyone!

My friend has an issue with her driving licence.

Nothing serious, it’s just I tried to register her in iRent to rent a car for half of the day and it turned out that after she had updated her ARC and got a new ID number, she forgot to update her driving licence and now iRent refuses to register her.

She’s planning to rent a car this upcoming weekend and now she is curious if any other car rental company in Taiwan will allow her to use their cars (taking into consideration that ID and the licence numbers do not match) ? :thinking:

Also, if anyone can recommend any other rental company, that would be great :pray: Especially if they have English speaking staff.

P.S. As far as I know updating driving licence can take up to 2 weeks, so my friend doesn’t consider this option for now.

Two weeks, what has happened? When we’re the changes?
I remember getting changes, updates and drivers tests on a walk in basis, no appointments necessary. All instantly after the money was paid.

Just now, it my kid’s turn to get a scooter license. No walk ins, appointments must be made through the internet on a system that is always busy and bounces you out.

My kids forced to go through a local driving school for lessons and the test.

If there has been changes please help the op in speeding up his or her situation and please give us old timers who live far away from the offices a heads up on what’s going on.

It takes about 2 mins once you get to the counter, unless some pandemic rules are in places. Her old matching ARC number should also be on the back of her new ARC.


As others said, it is done at the local Department of motor vehicles with two pictures and 200 TWD for each license you hold in about 10 minutes.


Do you know where can I find that department in Taipei? :thinking:

Google Maps


Shilin Motor Vehicles Office.


There should be many. Use Google maps to find the closest.


I have used Chailease rent car- 中租租車 for a few times and my experience was fine ,
the booking process is easy :
choose the pick up / return car location and time > select the car > pay the rent fee online > receive booking confirmation email

You will need to show you ARC , local or International Driver license and Passport , then sign some paperwork and check the car (take photos and videos for reference)