Driving licence UK

I seem to be getting conflicting information here on use of UK driving licence.
I tried to get international driving permit from post office in UK each one said was not available for Taiwan. One also said it reciprocol to Taiwan for exchange.
Friend in Hong Kong has told me they can take a Hong Kong licence to exchange for UK license to drive in Taiwan?
Other information tells me I need IDP?? that I can’t get in UK.
Taipei drivers vehicle website says I do and not reciprocol.

You need an IDP to use a UK licence in Taiwan. You have to get one from the UK and can no longer apply by post. I have been using my UK licence with IDP in Taiwan for years.

Hong Kong and UK have reciprocation but UK and Taiwan do not.

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i got my IDP last christmas from the post office in england no problem. this christmas they told me they didn’t have one for taiwan. and they just didn’t seem to know what they were doing. i just gave them my previous one and told them to give me the same as that. which was the 1949 one. so thats the one you need.

Thanks for that. I will have to visit UK once a year, until then i’ll drive on UK licence, whats going to happen a fine?

What happened to me! 3 post offices in 3 different towns. One even told me was Reciprocol to Taiwan, so I think what a result.
I may ask you for a copy next time I go to UK to show them what it is!!

As previously suggested, just ask for the 1949 one (or ask for Japan if they insist on a country but don’t accept Taiwan). Taiwan is not listed on the IDP that I have from UK but it is accepted here.

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in 2018 there were only a few post offices that did the IDP service. i had to go a little bit out of the way to get it done. but that place knew what they were doing.

this christmas it seems they have expanded the service to basically every post office. my guess is they are still unfamilar with it. but yea, 1949 idp is what you want.

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I contacted the TRO in UK after I had a similar problem, this was the response.

It is under 1949 geneva covention on road traffic rules.

Or if the post office cannot find it, you can also tell them as long as it is same with Japan, then it can be used.


領務組 / 駐英代表處

Consular Division |Taipei Representative Office in the U.K.

50 Grosvenor Gardens, London, SW1W 0EB

+44(0)20 7881 2650http://www.taiwanembassy.org/uk/index.html

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Note that if you want to use your IDP beyond 30 after arrival you need to get it stamped at your local DMV. I’ve been using a IDP for years however the DMV in Taipei have started to get a bit snotty about stamping it, stating last time would be the last time. Note the newish statement on their website, here

3&4 contradict each other somewhat but chabuduo.

Thanks I have read that before, Looks like Taiwan DT is what I shall do.
Cheers all for replies, much appreciated.

Which is basically not OK after 1 year of residency in Taiwan.

I got mine in the post from the RAC, but that was a few years ago.


WOW! UK.gov website says only post offices now, yet the application form looks like still be done via RAC.
I shall make the effort and call RAC. :crossed_fingers: Any documents and post can be sent to my Sister to forward to me.

My mistake: I had been using it - have a Taiwan license now. But yes, you’re correct about using it after one year. Actually, a friend of mine used his beyond one year, and when he crashed his car the insurance company wouldn’t pay out because he was using an IDP beyond the 1 year rule.

They stopped offering IDP via the AA and RAC at the end of January last year. Not sure why, but you do have to go to the Post Office now.

Someone in the UK can take ur uk drivers licence to the post office & get one on ur behalf.

If you go to the driver test center and show you UK license, this means you don’t need to take Taiwan lessons.
I decided on a Saturday to get a Taiwan license, spend Sunday doing to the practice online test, when to the office on the Tues, showed them my UK license (old non-photo one), took the physical, written, did the car test, 30 mins later had my Taiwan license. Piece of cake.

For a car test you don’t need to take any lessons, UK license or not.

Was this in Taiwan? I’ve heard of people being fined for having no license but never a refusal from an insurance company to pay out, you don’t even need to show a license to have insurance. Isn’t it the vehicle and not the driver that is insured here?

What were the circumstances of your friends accident?

Nice one :smile:
Thats what I need to do save all the hassle.

I had thought of that wasn’t sure if I could, another option, all you Guys have been very helpful.