Driving on ionized salt water with ... Nanoflowcell

For real?

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[quote=“Belgian Pie”]

For real?

mediacenter.nanoflowcell.com/med … s-release/[/quote]

Yup. Those are real Scottish Highland roads. Eat your heart out.

(Dinnae recognize the toon but, and thae burds swimmin in thier undies widnae last long.)

Here is google street view of the scene at 32 seconds in to the movie.

google.co.uk/maps/@56.65152 … !2e0?hl=en

Glencoe bridge
North (over 100 miles the road goes essentially north/south) of Kings House Hotel
View of Buachaille Etive Mor.
At 32 seconds into youtube.com/watch?v=RqLpqR0SPnQ


There is a similar bridge here:

google.co.uk/maps/@56.56098 … !2e0?hl=en
Glencoe bridge
By Loch Tulla