Driving school for motorcycle license?

hello all,

i dug around a bit for an answer to my question, but couldn’t find a straight answer.

here’s my situation: i want to get a scooter or light motorcycle license. from what i gather from the vroom forum, i need a license from my home country to do this. however, i lost my drivers license in seoul a few years ago and figured i would just get a new one when i went back to california at some point. As i use my passport or ARC for any and all id, I have never needed my license for anything. i called the DMV and my license has expired so they won’t send me a new one.

MY QUESTION IS: if i don’t already have a license, do i have to attend driving school to get a taiwan license? i really don’t feel like wasting my time and/or money on driving school here.

i read in one of the stickies that it costs 9000 NT and then some for driving school. is that the price for someone who is going for a car license? is motorcycle driving school cheaper?

is there any way i can get around going to school without having a license from my home country? if not, where can i go to motorcycle school and how much does it cost?

thanks in advance


You misread the information. You don’t need a license from your home country to take the motorbike test. And I haven’t heard of any motorbike driving schools, more’s the pity.

Go to your local DMV/testing centre. Have a look at people taking the practical test – note the tricky slow straight-line bit.

Borrow or buy the English language test questions booklet from there.

Find out exactly what documents you need – IIRC it’s just your ARC, plus when you take the practical you’ll need to bring the blue card for the bike you’ll be taking the test on, though I don’t think it has to be registered in your name.

The way it usually works is that you take the theory test in the morning, then if you pass, you can take the practical straight after or in the afternoon. If you fail the practical you have to wait a week before you can take it again, but you don’t have to re-take the theory test.

+1 to that… you don’t need a licence from home… all i needed when i got my licence was my arc…

if you want to get your ‘heavy’ bike licence, you must have held a local light licence for a year minimum…

dig it!

i’ll head over to the dmv in the next few days then.

thanks for the help.