Driving Test in Taiwan in English

Hi all,
I will be ariving in Taiwan in a couple of weeks and want to take my driving test asap.
I’m from UK and currently have a visitor visa which I’m hoping to upgrade to a (spousal) resident visa as soon as i’ve arrived.
Des anyone here have experience of taking the test in English recently?
Anything I need to know in advance of trying to book?
Any help greatly appreciated.


It’s really not a problem once you have your arc sorted out, use the practice test above it’s the exact same as they will test you on

I would get yourself an international driver’s permit. You might not be able to get it on a visitor’s visa so the International Driver’s Permit will help you tie over your time until you get a JFRV.


How do you get the international drivers permit if you haven’t passed your test? I have a UK provisional licence. Thanks

Cheers Shaun. I’ll check this out

Well I don’t know exactly about graduated licencing in the UK. I have my full licence in Canada and we would go to an automobile’s association to pick one up. It’s called CAA in Canada and AAA in the US.

But I dont know if they would allow a provisional licence. I replied assuming you had one to help you get on the road faster here in Taiwan while waiting to take the test.

Taiwan doesn’t have graduated licencing, so…maybe you can even just trade your provisional licence.


Google told me that The Post Office hands them out.

Cheers! Just looked it up and it needs to be the full licence. Thanks anyway

Can you take your UK test before leaving?

Get the DL in the U.K. and get a international permit. I use a international permit myself. You can’t just take the test in Taiwan, you need to practice before. Taiwan doesn’t care if you can drive in another country already. The English test is worded confusingly as well. And it’s hard to prepare as the book I’ve found only in Chinese to study. You can do practice tests in English but it’s random so you might not study all the questions you need.

AFAIK, Taiwan does exchange drivers licenses for cars for certain countries/states/provinces (of Canada). If I remember correctly, it was in a state by state basis.

That was my plan originally but i’ve run out of time.
I can drive already just don;t yet have my licence, Will have to take the test in Taiwan by the looks of it.

My wife and I have done the test in both country’s and we both say the Taiwan test by far the easiest. The questions on the link i gave you are the exact same as the test (both use the same government database). some of the wording is a little off but you get used to the meanings.

I just did the test a few times a day taking screenshots of the questions i got wrong, after a week or so i was getting above 90% on every go, the test at the centre was exactly the same and i aced it. Give yourself more time and even if your above 90% keep practicing. The car licence cost me about 10000nt for a months lessons, 1 hour a day and test etc included, this is not learning to dive its learning to pass the test, i picked a centre on the way home from work and just called in when i passed.

Scooter test is even easier i think this was 500nt, i did the car test the week before so i didn’t need to do the computer test again (if you do the other way around you will do this twice). just find one of the local parks with the scooter test course painted on the ground, and practice until your confident. book your test turn up with your paperwork and your scooter ( there are discussions about that on the forum already) and do the test.

Random video i found online of the course.

Remember you need a medical also, it’s a specific one for driving i got mine beforehand at the local hospital.

if your not planning on getting a car right away just do the scooter test and you can ride up to 250cc but a 125 is enough to get around and get used to the driving here.

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You can download all the questions in various different languages from the DMV website. All The Questions . Can use your new found knowledge on the simulator.

Taiwan’s test is a POP if you do some practice at a driving school. My wife had never even sat in the driver’s seat of a car before doing a driving course here and passed first time, in a manual.

Unless you’re blind in both eyes and crippled you’ll pass the medical, actually you’ll pass the medical.

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I did this first also printed them off as a nice booklet, got confused reading line after line of questions, put booklet in the bin, and just used the simulator as above.

They do make you dance like a monkey, or maybe that was just me.

Having had the opportunity to observe local drivers for some years now (from a safe distance) i would be quite comfortable saying that any brainless moron could probably pass the test here.

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For all your time here you should have observed that for brainless morons passing the test is optional.

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Documents Required When Applying to Take Driver’s License Test:

  • Alien Residence Certificate (ARC) with validity of over six months.
  • Three Recent Photos (taken within the past 6 months, front view of face without hat, 1 inch)
  • Application Form for Driver’s License Test. (available at the office)
  • Local Driver’s License or International Driver’s License plus one copy (only for car license test.)

Procedures for applying Driver’s License Test for car (If you are able to submit your foreign driver’s license .)

  1. Physical Exam
  2. Vision Test
  3. Registration
  4. Driver Knowledge Test (Written test)
  5. Driving Test

Procedures for applying Driver’s License Test for car (If you are unable to submit your foreign driver’s license .)

  1. Physical Exam
  2. Vision Test
  3. Learner’s Permit
  4. Attend to Driving School or Self- training
  5. Registration
  6. Driver Knowledge Test (Written test)
  7. Driving Test

About the written test you can check more info on the following link


Wow! Thanks all for sharing the knowledge. Will start looking for the nearest test centre to Puzi :grinning:

For the written test, do you pass the test first at the dmv then go learn driving at the driving school?
Or do you learn how to drive at the driving school and then go to a testing center/dmv to do both tests on the same day?

Also where do you get an instruction booklet for the test. Bookstore or the dmv?