Driving test question

Hi all,
I’m studying for the motorcycle test and can’t seem to understand the difference between these two questions, maybe I’m missing something and you can help?

  1. The speed limit of a motorcycle depends on the information on the signs or markings. However, on roads without signs, markings or yellow lines, the speed limit shall not exceed
    a) 20 km b) 30 km c) 40 km
    Answer: C

  2. The speed limit for a motorcycle is based on the signs and markings on the road, but when a road has no signs or markings, the speed limit should not exceed
    a) 50 km b) 40 km c) 30 km
    Answer: A


Seriously I noticed so many inconsistencies in the test too, whoever made that test is very Cha Bu Duo

looks like the difference lies in a road having yellow lines or not, like a lot of farm roads