Driving with a UK license?


I’m driving here with a UK license and every time I get pulled over, I show them the license and on I go without any hassles. But, I’d like to get a Taiwanese license. Where can I get this? It is weird, I drive up to the license office in Taoyuan and they refuse to convert my UK one to a ROC license.
Please…I just want to become “legal”…can I convert this without doing yet another driving test?


Where are you living in Taiwan? According to what we know, you apply for a Driver’s Licence at the Department of Motor Vehicles in the City or County where you live. If you can’t speak Chinese, you will need to take a Chinese friend along to help you with the details.

We hear many different stories, however in general it is a good idea to be prepared to take “another driving test.” If you fail, you can take it again one week later.


Thanks for the advice. I am living in Hsin Tien so I’ll give it a go and I’ll let you know what I get told for your and others reference.
Thanks again.


I use my UK license as well…although the police never hassle me when i show it…I believe if you do not have a Taiwanese license… yoour insurance does not cover you in an accident and you can also be held liable even if the accident is not your fault


Six years ago the only guy I knew in Taipei with a full UK motorbike licence was fine a large quantity of money for not having a Taiwanese motorbike licence. How we laughed. I did my motorbike test at the centre on Ba De Loo which consisted of riding around in a circle without falling over. If you had a Northern Ireland car licence (ie with a photograph) you could swap it for a Taiwanese car licence, which in turn meant you didn’t need to do the theory test for a bike. But things may have changed… In those days you didn’t need a licence for a bike under 50cc, a helmet, insurance was unavailable, and drink driving wasn’t illegal. In fact in my pre-licence days on being pulled over by the fuzz once in 93, my blootered Chinese passenger was instructed to take over control of the bike because he had a licence and I didn’t.