Dropped out of school -- how long before I need to leave Taiwan?

So, right now i’m at Taiwan as a student with a study visa, but something happen and i need to drop out from the school.

Since i drop out from the school that mean my study visa doesn’t work anymore. So how much time I got to go back to my country after the day I drop out.


They will call you to tell you if they don’t call you is because the school didn’t inform that you drop, in that case, till you visa expiry.

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How usually they will call me? Email? My phone number that registered to my visa before is not taiwan number

Oh, I think you can ask the school or ask the imigration office. I beilive is 15 day but not sure.

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Thanks, I think i will ask immigration office later.


Why dropped out of school? :school:

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Me and my parents made a little bit bad decision whether i should go to university or vocational high school here (i’m already graduate from high school from my country btw) we eventually choose vocational high school cause my chinese still really bad, and i can work. But yeah after maybe 3 months here i realize it was a bad decision so i want to drop out and moved to university, yeah 1 year wasted but at least its not 3 years