Drug Test for ARC/Visa - blood test or hair follicle test?

hi all,

I’m a US Citizen that will be applying for my ARC/residency visa soon (via ancestry), and I just heard that Taiwan requires all applicants to take a drug test. My question is: will this be a blood test, urine test, or hair follicle test?

I am most certainly not a regular user, but have dabbled in cocaine in the recent past. I haven’t done any other drugs at all in the last year or two, however.

If the drug test is just a blood or urine test, I think I should be fine, as coke clears out of your system within a couple days (a month at maximum)…but I would be in trouble if it were a hair follicle test, as almost all drugs stay in your hair for up to 3 months.

Again - I’m not a regular user at all, but admittedly did foolishly partake in coke a couple times recently. Any answers would be greatly appreciated!

thanks so much

If you haven’t done any drugs in the last year or two, you should be fine.

Pot stays in your blood stream for longer though, by upto 2 months apparently

hi, thanks for the response! Just to clarify though: is the drug test just a blood/urine test, or do they take a hair sample as well?

Blood only, though I doubt they test specifically for drugs. They could make you take something more comprehensive if they want, if you look, uh… strung-out in a bad way. So be nice.

Don’t look for it here, though.

They definitely don’t do a hair follicle test. They take your blood and urine, so I guess either could be tested for drugs. One warning: don’t take cold medication before the exam, because it might include codeine (especially if bought in Taiwan). Then you’ll test positive for opiates. You just tell them you were taking cold medication, and they’ll believe you, but you then have to have a retest, which cost quite a lot and which my school certainly did not cover.

I don’t think I have ever given a urine sample as part of the teacher’s health check. Some quick internet research shows that pot clears the bloodstream in 24-72 hours so if they are looking for drugs then they are unlikely to find them. I also have never heard of someone failing (even a false positive) a health check for drug related reasons. I definitely haven’t been asked for hair follicles.

The OP isn’t applying for a teaching related visa so it’s possible that there is extra testing required but I doubt it.

I failed a blood test once. Slightly over in the opiates, no real idea why.
Told to come back again in a week.
No hair, though, as without a doubt. most English teachers would be whistling through the graveyard…