Drug use in Taiwan 2021, an issue?

I mean, good shit here.

You and I are on the same page here, I’m just playing!

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Ohh, haha i re read what you wrote. I get it now. forgive me, i can be quite thick lol. The substances in discussion here are for sure far more pure and far less tainted than in the west. Agreed.

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Come on do not spoil good writing, he makes it sound almost exotic and romantic. :grinning:


Why is it unbelievable? On top of the usual paranoia, mental illness, struggles and general hardships in normal times, people have had many freedoms taken away, been constantly bombarded with pretty intense levels of bias, if not straight propaganda. Its not just coming from their own government (of which almost all have done little but worsen public trust in the orderbof thwir power), or their peers, they see their neighbourhood shops going under. Foreign countries fuckery. International organizations going full on retard on camera making no sense and flip flopping between CCP narratives and western ones.

Drug use should be up. As should legal drug use (pills, nicotine, ethanol etc) as well as other forms of mental stimulations that lend hand to escapism. gambling, prostitution and such.
Frankly, it would be odd if such things werent up.
Not saying its good, just saying is absolutely predictable and what always happens.

A fun game would be to count every drug death as they count covid deaths or vaccine deaths. Anyone with an asthma attack that dies and is a smoker is now an overdose. Anyone that went to a bar the month of their liver failure was a prolongued overdose. Or something. Oh the joys of fuckery. Its why so many people ignore stats now.

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Drug laced coffee drinks.

I know stuff like this is around but I haven’t heard much talk about it in the news or crime related.

Edit: news from the recent S20 Music Festival has pictures of it

That’s been around for ages. I’ve been told it’s generally disappointing.

Risk of death is not high. Risk of getting very high also not high.

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My daily coffee makes me “temporarily energized, excited or relaxed”.

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I’ve been drinking coffee for so many years it’s hard to get excited about it. I think I’m a little jealous.


You need to cut out the milk. Once you go black you never go back.


Yeah, no thanks. I don’t want to wake up one morning on a cardboard mattress outside of Taipei Main Station.


Quit caffeine for a week, then drink a cup of coffee, and boom, you won’t need any colorful packaging filled with “coffee” :sunglasses:

Going to be a rough week if you quit cold turkey though…

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I actually went cold turkey a couple years ago, and it was no big deal. Just slightly lower energy levels for a few days. My circuits are probably fried from so many years of abuse.


I told you not to mix arabica with robusta but did you listen?


Actually drank quite a bit of that in Vietnam. That shit is harsh, but it does have quite a kick.


Once you get to a certain age anything that keeps you regular is a winner.


Evidently not!


Those bastards.

Let’s be honest. Is anyone surprised? Like, even a fraction of the tiniest bit?

Ya. Taiwan is rich for a reason.

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