Drug use in Taiwan 2021, an issue?

I dont deny those issues there. But read up on why its not just meth that causes this. As taiwan has an equally severe meth issue probably (i guess use is higher here to be honest, just not a obvious or recorded), it is FAR different based on the 2 main points we have discussed at length above: taiwans amphets are relatively pure, cheap and without the same crime factor. Largely i due to the precursors and hemicals being widely available in uktra high quality, including easy mail order reagents and chibese nedicine store type sources in every city.

Secondly, the family culture enables a lot more BS and puts up with more pain, so the poverty aspect of addiction is FAR less in taiwan compared to canada.

Some people need to get a grip with what the term “serious issue” means. The US had close to 100,000 drug deaths last year, that’s not even factoring in suicides where drug use was a factor. For scale the US lost 2,442 soldiers in the entire afghan war. Canada also hitting record numbers of drug deaths with 7,000+ despite their rather liberal approach to dealing, using and legalization.

Now compare those numbers with Taiwanese, Japanese and Singaporean numbers and you see an interesting disparity.


This is exactly the reason why I included the “other socio-economic factors” above. I am very aware of the difference, I just don’t quite agree that it is as prevalent in Taiwan as you make it out to be. Come to Winnipeg and spend some time with me in the North End, and we can compare notes (that would be fuunnn). Not that it is contest really - and if Taiwanese users of Meth are as prevalent as you say, but can function in society, then it isn’t really that much of a societal “issue”, no?


Objection: speculation.


Be willing to bet not just ampethamine quantity used is more, but manufacturing quantity as well in taiwan. I believe you when you say winnipeg is probably worse than taiwan, per capita. Vancouver and some other population hubs as well. But i doubt as a country, canada is higher in volume than taiwan. I do believe probably the economic losses in canada are higher as well. Maybe it is, maybe it isnt, its honestly a number impossible to know as only busts are recorded.

Correct. Its not nothing, but due to culture and purity, it is far less detrimental in taiwan than in canada. Not saying its good. But purity is important, and it is often dirty as all hell in canada, hence a LOT more health issues. The reason its dirty is not jsut it illegal, But many precursors and materials used to make it properly are banned. Such as ephedra.

Not agreeing with its use, but i seems pretty clear why the difference in users is between taiwan and canada, and its often purity and tainted products in the west.

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To make it from Ephedra is a long laborious way to do it. Making it from Ethedrine is pretty easy though.

Its done both ways in taiwan. It has more to do with logistics, and cost. You would be shocked at the amount of container loads of loose ephera rolling into quite coutryside villages during heavy rains directly from ports. Of course, obviously, with covid panic, much is comin in through cheap cough medicine now. But during normal times the raw herb is as well. During Ma’s presidency, regardless of it being .illegal in china, it was still imported here (its legal here) en mass with the cover story they wax it so its hard to extract (which is true, they do actually do that for the TCM trade to appear legitimate). Issue is, CCP was cool with Ma, so let the flood gates of dependance open. Now with a president that cares about taiwan, back to cough syrup and china has been busting labs/logisics/farms etc left right and center. Funny how that works…

Meanwhile fentynal is all good to export to the west. Also funny, innit?

so what you’re saying is, there’s no problem with the drugs in taiwan?

No, not at all. I am saying drug use is extremely prevalent in taiwan, but the problems are very different to what they are in countries like Canada and the USA. As such i think it is wrong to call the tool the problem in ABC way, when it is not the same and used differently like XYZ over there.

All i am really getting at is the “drugs are bad” narrative is about as illogical, non sensical and under thought as they come. literally retarded. And this argument has literally killed millions of people, so its time to rethink our actions towards such things (obviously). Starting with, culture and species of drugs. They are different, obviously, and as such their sollutions will be different. Just on the most basic fundamental of levels.

Anyone that calls weed a drug like meth and heroin are willing idiots. And if that is their narrative i will point out to them drugs like sugar kill more people than weed, mushrooms and etc. The fact we call them drugs, and we dont call other like substances drugs (ethanol, nicotine, betel nut, sugar, caffiene etc) is nothing short of mind numbingly stupid. Controlled substances is such a better term, and leads way to mature conversations. Same with terminology that defines action. Such as psychoactive (and that word has some bias and arguments behind it as well).

So back to the old thought, the war on drugs is more than war of control of consciousness. Which it does seem to be. And when this is said people automatically assume we are sayin its all good and everything is healthy. Which is absolutely NOT what we are saying, because it is insanely complicated. Politicians just have to habit of coming out as very very dumb.

At the same time i am pro free health care. As well a telling alcoholics your liver transplant jsnt covered nor are smokers cancer costs. We the people have something.called self responsibility, and thus is where we keep getting stuck.in retarded laws, because we cant accept being responsible for ourselves. Call it entitled, or whatever you want. But the circle keeps circling until we grow up and face the music.

As always, this is opinion. So dont want the sensitives to take it the wrong way. My thoughts only.

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Taiwan numba 1

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What’s the connection there, just out of curiosity? Something like customs/police checks being less thorough when it’s raining?

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Simply less eyes. Local police are often checking for meth related issues throughout taiwan. So I lot of guys warehouse it and midnight ship it in storms when police are, justifiably, not interested in leaving their car. Its pretty common. The containers are bought, so its fast to unload. The issue is more roadblocks, random check, scales etc. Is also heavily dependant on where they are. Certain counties are notoriously hard to bride, taitung strangely enough a far a ceossing county lines, growing weed, illegal logging and various other things. Pingtung, kaohsiung, chayi and such are comparitavely easy. they are good at what they do, and its worthy of some respect as far as their diligence. Albiet for a very unhealthy product which takes such resepct right back away.

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I mean, good shit here.

You and I are on the same page here, I’m just playing!

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Ohh, haha i re read what you wrote. I get it now. forgive me, i can be quite thick lol. The substances in discussion here are for sure far more pure and far less tainted than in the west. Agreed.

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Come on do not spoil good writing, he makes it sound almost exotic and romantic. :grinning:


Why is it unbelievable? On top of the usual paranoia, mental illness, struggles and general hardships in normal times, people have had many freedoms taken away, been constantly bombarded with pretty intense levels of bias, if not straight propaganda. Its not just coming from their own government (of which almost all have done little but worsen public trust in the orderbof thwir power), or their peers, they see their neighbourhood shops going under. Foreign countries fuckery. International organizations going full on retard on camera making no sense and flip flopping between CCP narratives and western ones.

Drug use should be up. As should legal drug use (pills, nicotine, ethanol etc) as well as other forms of mental stimulations that lend hand to escapism. gambling, prostitution and such.
Frankly, it would be odd if such things werent up.
Not saying its good, just saying is absolutely predictable and what always happens.

A fun game would be to count every drug death as they count covid deaths or vaccine deaths. Anyone with an asthma attack that dies and is a smoker is now an overdose. Anyone that went to a bar the month of their liver failure was a prolongued overdose. Or something. Oh the joys of fuckery. Its why so many people ignore stats now.

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Drug laced coffee drinks.

I know stuff like this is around but I haven’t heard much talk about it in the news or crime related.

Edit: news from the recent S20 Music Festival has pictures of it

That’s been around for ages. I’ve been told it’s generally disappointing.

Risk of death is not high. Risk of getting very high also not high.

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