Drug using neighbours

Hello, i live in kaohsiung (terrible place) and my idiot neighbours smoke weed everynight and the smell makes its way into my apartment through the windows and somehow the bathroom exhaust fan (no idea how but it does). [erroneous information removed by mod] should i go to the police and report them? What can i do about this because i cant live in this house anymore and put up with this?


Omg don’t just up and snitch on them. I’d have a chat with them first, at least a warning…


Maybe consider moving to Zhong-li?


The ventilation system in the building. This can be a real hassle with smokers.

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I’d move there for the Jianbing

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Wtf? Want want to report someone for smoking weed and have them put to death for doing something in their own house.


But it’s in his house. You could go to the guanliyuan and tell them you have a problem with “smoke” coming through the ventilation system, and see if they can help sort it out.

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Ask him not to be selfish and pass the joint then


The hydra has many heads…

Strange cause i somehow liked the name of that place but idk its gang land apparently

It’s an unfair reputation. I say give it a chance.

Gee, thanks. I live here too. It’s not that bad, jeez.

Well, they are idiots. But personally, I wouldn’t get involved. You could somehow get roped into the whole mess, either by the authorities or the dude’s friends looking for revenge. You could try an anonymous tip-off to the police, but I can’t say I’m a big fan of snitching.

Not accurate, but okay. He’d probably be looking at deportation, or if he’s selling maybe 5-10 years.

Heres the thing, i considered talking to neighbour about this but ive heard of people being attacked here heaps for any confrontation of things so i dont really want to be beat up thats why i wanted to report it.

Yeah I’d just steer well clear of him, especially if he is a foreigner. Otherwise you might end up in 6 different spots of the love river riverbed.


yea like at yonghe

Just leave an anonymous note then. No one should be penalized for that anymore than smoking cigarettes and drinking in their home.

If you call the cops and they all get a bullet through the heart, then you will have that on your conscience. It’s quite the dilemma. It’s twisting my melon, man.


Don’t snitch.

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Also possible the police could (a) think he’s an accomplice ratting out former friends and bring him in too (“how you know what weed smells like, unless you also use?”) or (b) he gets taken out by the drug dealer’s (or user’s) friends who don’t take kindly to snitches.