Drug using neighbours

Plus, buddy who rats is gonna piss hot if he/she has been ingesting secondhand.

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are the neighbours foreigners?

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We assume, right? Good call.

I didn’t assume it. I didn’t even assume that it’s illegal drugs he’s smelling, which is pretty unlikely compared to cigarette smoke or incense.

Maybe he is sick? Maybe he’s not well… Huang

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He should be bloody well hung. Well, he’ll need to be to take the place of BD.

But that year was tough, huh?

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I got a little boy down the road keeps me in clean piss…

I am really curious. OP does not speak Chinese. He cannot communicate with the neighbors if they are local. How rare is it to find foreign neighbors?

He refers to the area as “unsafe”. Define “unsafe”. Mafia owned KTV´s with singing assistance? Hostess bars?

Now the real questions: where is the nearest 7-11? Metro or bus? Convenience is a great tell tale of the conditions of a place.

How old is OP?

Lacking context, I’d wonder if you work for the Catholic Church.

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Excommunicated and defrocked for fornication with an :eggplant:. Apparently Rome draws the line at plant sex.

Interesting. At least now we know where the line is drawn.

Yep the neighbours i havent physically seen but i think they are locals and there are atleast 2 to 3 people in there (its small studio apt btw), they have expensive shoes in the corridoor (gucci, yeezy, etc) so thry deffinately have money from somewhere or something… so thats why i dont want to knock on the door incase i get shot or something.

This area is formosa boulevard which is very questionable when regards to safety, my friend was sexually assaulted at the corner of my street recently aswell as ive seen lots of street gang looking people around. Ive had weirdos approach me around here aswell.

Im 26 yrs old btw

You know how street gangs look in Taiwan? They wear black suits, BTW.

they look thugish, im from australia so i see thugs everywhere over there.

Fishermen? Taxi drivers?

The thing is that taiwan overall is very safe. As stated, though, if you are close to mafia, real mafia, not wannabes, then yes, do scram.

Anyways, you dio not like it here, you are leaving so just send a tip when you are safely home.

ok thankyou

By scram I mean fly, run like hell, do not walk.

ah ok, thanks

Does he have a Dashund? Devil.dogs.