Drug Wars in the USA: Enough is ENOUGH!

Jesus H Christ on a stick. WTF is going on in America? Every other day there is some perceived “plague” on the young, violence, bad TV, sex, AIDS…blahblahblah

And now, in my home State, close to where I went to High School some pinheads are saying that drug USE is a disease (not drug addiction mind you) and to prevent this disease, all middle and high school students should be drug tested!!

Now let me get this straight: the US government can’t spy on people who are calling and receiving calls from people with terrorist links, but MIDDLE/HIGH SCHOOL kids can be drug tested. And the BEST part is the results are for the SCHOOLs only. The POlice won’t be notified. Gosh, will they tell the parents?

Nothing like an invasion of privacy to get the young uns used to being slaves of the State. Pop a piss test and you will be forced into counselling.

And the “medical professionals” who back this idiotic cleansing should be forced back to college to earn a degree in something useful.

Could a law mandating drug testing for all middle and high school students be coming here to New York? A group of concerned citizens in Amsterdam hopes so.

The group behind the proposal says drug use is a disease, not just an addiction. They feel it can be prevented if looked at and dealt with as a health problem.

“It’s a long process and we needed to start somewhere and that is right here in our community,” says Bob Reidy, the former Montgomery County commissioner of social services.

Reidy is part of a group that wants to see the state Legislature mandate that all middle school and high school students be tested for drugs. The committee says positive tests would not be brought to the police, but rather used to get students treatment and the help needed.

“There would be no notification to the police at all. The notification is the school administrator, nurse and parents. So it’s kept confidential,” he said.

But students like Amsterdam junior Angel Martinez wonder if that would be the case.

“No matter what, the parents would call police because that would be reinforcement right there,” Martinez said.

The same group says it started a voluntary testing program years ago in Amsterdam’s middle school. They feel drug use is a disease, not just an addiction and that it needs to be treated. But Reidy adds that mandatory testing could be the greatest prevention tool possible.

Some students agree.

“I guess if they found someone who was doing things they could help them, get them not addicted to it anymore,” junior William Hunt said.

But Martinez is not so sure.

“Even the ones that don’t do drugs would be against it because they know its an invasion of privacy,” Martinez said.

Reidy says he understands the resistance, but feels the issues of drugs and teenagers is worth discussing.

“I don’t disagree that parents need to take hold and take the issue, but sometimes parents don’t know how and they’re not exactly sure how to get correction,” Reidy said.

The Amsterdam School Board is expected to discuss the issue Wednesday night.

The superintendent says he’s drafted up a resolution backing the proposal. He says he hopes the school board will give its support to the group in their quest for legislation that would mandate statewide testing[/quote]


:raspberry: :raspberry: :raspberry:

Legalize it, control it and tax the holy stuffin’s out of it.

The U.S. used to have a 4th amendment to the Constitution. However, starting with the case of T.L.O. vs New Jersey some years back that right to be secure in our persons and homes seems to have been washed away like so much dirty bathwater, especially when it comes to kids.

Does this testing include teachers and support staff at the schools?



of course not

The best part of the story is the name of the town. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

[quote]But students like Amsterdam junior Angel Martinez wonder if that would be the case.

“No matter what, the parents would call police because that would be reinforcement right there,” Martinez said.[/quote]

I’m not a parent, so maybe I’m a little naive, but what kind of parents would call the police about their own kids drug use, especially parents of school kids, where the vast majority of school kids taking drugs don’t go on to addiction?

Are you feeling alright?

TC has a point. If it was legal but heavily taxed, it would lose a bit of its illegal appeal.

It would also take distribution/supply away from organised crime, drastically cut crime rates in general, thus freeing up police resources; and drug addiction could be treated as a health/social issue 100% of the time, instead of a law issue.

You guys trying to cut into Vancouver’s Amsterdam West image and the myth of that shining city on the hill at the same time? All while making sense?

What is this, Bizarro World?

Spoken like a true Libertatrian. Too bad they only get like 1% of the vote.
I’d like to support thier party, but why bother.

[quote=“TainanCowboy”]Does this testing include teachers and support staff at the schools?[/quote] :bravo: :bravo: Can I get an “Amen” Larry? :laughing:

What about fornication, that other national epidemic…? I think a lot of our politicians are going soft on fornication.

What we need is an intervention process in which children are shamed whenever they show interest in the opposite sex. Let’s all it the “cooties initiative.” (Gays can always be shamed during P.E…)

Plus more of that True Love Waits stuff. I’d love to be a motivational speaker for that! (“Ladies, before you spread your legs and let him do something nasty and disgusting, let me ask you just one question: How often do you think he washes it?”)

But Fornication Awareness is not just for kids. I think our public leaders ought to be confronted with the questions like, “Have you ever committed fornication?” and then let them figure out how to please all those religious people without looking like a dork (as we used to say in school).

In fact, if I was a politician, I think I’d propose this as some kinda Constytutionle Ammendmint.

I think it IS Bizzarro World. I do NOT like the way the Gov’ment, especially local gov’ment is trying to usurp parental authority in the US by “doing SOMETHING (arms waving wildly) about the problem!”

Go after McDonalds for Christs sake. Fatty foods will evetually kill FAR more children than pot,coke or X ever will.

I feel sorry for whatever PTA and city council I’m involved in when we head back. :smiling_imp:

Spike the brownies before the meeting. They’ll be putty in your hands.

Treating drug addiction as a public health issue makes sense.
Treating juvenille, recreational drug use the same way is nanny state muckety-muck.

Maybe the best approach is to agree to implement the program, but first test the children of those pushing it. Chances are, all talk of such nonsense will disappear in no time flat. :laughing:

Spike the brownies and I’ll be putty.

I think the pharmecuetical companies could take the lead in ending the drug trade/bogus war on drugs scenario by developing some LEGAL, OVER THE COUNTER HIGHS. you just walk into the drug store and pick up your high like you do a pack of condoms. no side affects. hell they sell sleep medicine and No Doze over the counter. why not?

though i don’t do the stuff, i think everybody should have the right to expand their mind if they want to.

while they’re at it, i think there should be robot sex parlors. japan already has at least one.

Sex parlors for robots? My! those japanese are so advanced!

Sex parlors for robots? My! those Japanese are so advanced![/quote]hprny robots have been a societal problem in Japan since 2004.
A quiet room, some Devo, a can of WD-40 and happy endings for all.

Yeah, I do favor legalization, control and taxation of ‘drugs.’ I have since the mid-80’s when I finally saw the massive scope of the illegal drug trade.
Its just too big and too powerful to fight by conventional means.
By using this method the power-base could be taken out of the cartels and their associated support system.
The US gov’t has some amazing marihoochie farms in Louisiana and I think also in Mississippi. Give them boys in Ky a run for their money THC wise. Although the gov’t farms stress ‘standardized’ THC content over exploding head pot.
Same for cocaine & heroin. Sell it at a gov’t store.
Use the money to remove the tax on beer & cigars… :sunglasses: