Drugs busts for votes scandal

After all the “drug” busts at the weekend (13 arrested in TeXound, 550 in a KHH club), my bf read in yesterday’s Apple that a “young person” had said that “Arrest 550 people for a being in a club this weekend, there’s 550 more violent crimes on the street next weekend”.

Is it true that people are SO stressed and pressurised that dancing the night away at TeXound makes you less likely to have the energy to stab someone in a fit of rage?

And the age old question, WHAT IS IT with politicians and young people having (statistically harmless) fun? Particularly somewhere SO corrupt…

Were they arrested for “being in a club” ? or something else ?
If you can get arrested for being in that club, maybe you should choose a different club.

Sure, yes, don’t want to be arrested, don’t do illegal things, don’t go to clubs where other people do drugs, of course!

Maybe I should rephrase the question: Does the persecution of such victimless crime lead to more or less other crime? What would those 550 people in KHH have been doing if they were all, say, extremely yet legally drunk?