Drugs in north american schools

again, it’s a miracle Bob.

And I think you wouldn’t advise other parents to take a similar route, right?

Your experience could be the exception to the rule.

I think that smoking it with your kids - if they are smoking it already on their own - has the effect of demystifying it. Pot can be a small, enjoyable part of life or a big, stupid part of it. That’s it. And I find it more than a little hypocritical that people would drink with their kids but criticize people for smoking pot with them. Believe me, I have seen a lot of people with drug and alcohol problems and as far as I can see alcohol is potentially a lot worse than pot.

And now for my own bit of hypocrisy. I would teach teenagers to enjoy a glass of wine with dinner but I would not “introduce” them to pot.

Again, go figure. Half of my reaction to drugs and alcohol, after being exposed to them all of my life, is instinctual. What I know for sure is that my son doesn’t have problems with drugs or alcohol. I don’t either. Now THAT is a miracle.

OK, I do see the point that jointly smoking MAY (and if it is iffy) demystify it. Or the reverse may happen…“Hey Pa, next time let’s trip out on LSD and melt clouds.”

or this:

“Now that we’ve demystified pot watching All in the Family, next week let’s demystify it by stringing x-mas lights in the living room and giggle when mom gets home.”


anyway, bob, I see your point and am glad it worked out for you and your son. We’ll see what happens with mine…and I have lots of time as he’s only five.

Wait till your son grows up and takes off to Australia for a year and the next time you see each other is on small island in the Andaman Sea. That is what happened to me. A couple of joints didn’t seem like such a big deal. Anyway, I’m sure not giving any advice here. These things are pretty individual I reckon.