Drum 'n Bass/ Funk House

Any suggestions for a good nightclub(s) that play drum 'n bass or funk house? I can’t seem to find any but Hip Hop in this town :frowning:

What’s everyone’s clubbing experience in Taipei?

embryopoet, where are you when we need you the most!!! He will be able to ansewr this for all of us…

  • MiakaW

*ps, I heard Vibe plays good chuck of Techno, Trance…

Yeah this is a burning question for me too, I’m trying to decide if I should come to Taiwan, but I would at least want the option of a decent night out with Drum & Bass, Hardcore, maybe some good Electro.
How hard is it to find this kind of night out in Taipei? And is there any hope at all of finding in the other big cities?
Needn’t be every week, but regular at least.


I have done more research recently on the net and found some possibilities:

“2F” - 15 Hoping W Road

  • lounge, tribal house, trance, progressive and techno


Has anyone been to these clubs before? Any feedback?


2F is OK when they bring the BIG names in. I’ve seen Paul Van Dyke, Dekozee and a few others there (cant remember who right now).

For some drums ‘n’ bass and the like, go to Sneaky Spinsand get on their mailing list and keep an eye out for DJ K-Fancy’s “Evil Breaks” parties which are, well, devilishly good.
Plus K is good people so if you email him through Sneaky Spins, he’ll point you in the right direction.
The Sneaky Spins mailing list is much more current and up to date than their website. K and the crew cover a lot of ground in Taipei.

For Drum ‘n’ Bass lounging try Whisky. Or this link.

Hope this helps.

Do they bring in international dj’s at Sneaky Spins? I’d like to contact them…

Sure, contact them. Lady J Productions is also part of the group. She is involved in bringing in international acts.

Or better yet go meet K Fancy tonight, in person at …

[quote]2nd Floor
ROOM 2 (VIP lounge):
The LOOP and E.S.P. present “CONNECT”
three sets of tag-team DJing all night.

Coffee & Trix will start off the night,
with SL & Nina going at it in the middle,
and K Fancy going head to head with Saucey to wrap things up with a thump.

500NT before midnight,
700NT after… includes a drink

2F: #15, Hoping W. Rd. Sec. 1, Taipei[/quote]

Above info from the Sneaky Spins mailing list.
Thanks Kent.