Drum'n'bass/Breaks nights

Does anyone know of any good, regular dnb/breaks nights in Taipei???



I’ve been waiting for that for years. Once in a while you can find some breaks but d’n’b seems to fall on deaf ears here. Many of us used to do beat but it seems only to work at outdoor parties. There are others on this board that have done it too, but it isn’t done regularly.

I never liked Drum and Bass while living in Canada. Actually I hated it. But now, I’d kill for some DNB…
Look what Taiwan has done to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

It just occurred to me that at one of the Daxi beach parties there was a dnb dj who came on around 6-7am. Was cool.

Well sounds like there’s a market out there perhaps?

I would be well up for it if :
a) I hadn’t left the decks at home
b) I hadn’t left all my tunes at home
c) I was even reasonably good at mixing

But I suppose that if there arent any nights about, there are no precedents right?

The lack of tunes and decks are still a problem tho

Why didnt I go to bed 3 hours ago? :loco:

I just cant get enough of dnb on chemicalrecords.co.uk , need to have a proper night out!!! There must be a sweatbox of a club out there that will play dnb all night…