Drunk Driving and leaving Taiwan

Regarding the criminal record, all information I seem to find online says the opposite, your criminal record will likely not reflect it in the US. I’m curious as to how did you come up with this conclusion? Past experience or?

Permanently, but didn’t want to scratch it off my distant future list either. Seems I’ll have to.

Thanks for going the extra mile!

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Sorry, English isn’t my first language. What I meant is driving it up the sidewalk, you know when there is no ramp, you kind of force the scooter to go up, hence my use of “pushing” but I was driving it.

It depends if they find out and if Taiwan decides to share such information.

Canada and the US often share info when crossing and both countries often oblige each others’ data requests. There’s a…gradient in terms of information sharing. The US and China are much less likely to share info on crimes. But drink driving is definitely grounds for inadmissibility in Canada. It depends if they find out and what decision you choose to make when filling out that form for entry or a visa.

Australia is never shy about calling other countries to see if they can find dirt.

They used to have a PSA in Canada showing a father in a swimsuit and other beach attire floating in a mall fountain gesturing towards his disappointed family because they can’t travel (often implied to Florida, Mexico, Cuba or Dominican Republic) due to his implied criminal record. If I find it, I’ll let you know.


lol nice try. No, unlike you, I don’t drive scooters when I’m blackout drunk. I was speaking generally in regards to misdemeanors showing up on a country’s background check. That’s why Taiwanese employers request copies of your US background check. I doubt anyone in the USA will ask for a copy of your police check in Taiwan, but who knows.

Crikey — Banished in Canada for life?

I’d rather be punished as a galley slave.

(1818) Ben-Hur (1959) - Rowing of the Galley Slaves HD - YouTube

This answers your own question. At some point down the road, you may miss Taiwan and want to come back.

Not if she winds up with a custodial sentence for drunk driving and attempting to evade prosecution.

(names, Cat and Lolita = she)

This just doesn’t sound good,

TLDR : i dont want to be responsible and would rather dodge out.

But you will do it anyway, so sorry not sorry?

but you were driving.

unconsciousness after an accident is very dangerous and very serious, are you upset your friend asked for medical help? it sure seems so.

yes, you have already decided that you would rather be irresponsible… and now you are asking if you can get away with it… this is one of the reasons that things are hard for foreigners to do in Taiwan because of people like you.

You signed a legal document at the police station i think it is extremely unlikely that you can abscond and quite frankly, i doubt anyone has any sympathy.

Suck it up and pay the piper, your needs to leave for whatever reason do not overrule legal responsibilities, thats just f*&^ing entitled BS.


Did you catch a flight out?

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Good question. What happened?