Drunk? Going for MORE beer?

OK< you know who you are !! MR. 7 eleven !

break.com/index/drunkest-guy … tml?mrr=we

Err no, its not a flobber based in Tainan. :slight_smile:

I am so glad that its not me. I mean, for a second there I was worried.

Somebody should have helped that man!

That was not mere drunkenness. There’s got to be ketamine involved there. You can tell by the way gravity affected him. That guy was being sucked down to the center of the earth.

I like the way he seems to always be trying to affect sobriety.

Not trying to be a word-nerd here but I think you mean Effect sobriety?

Yes, but honestly he should just give in and admit that he is already drunk. What I liked was that he held onto that six pack, no matter what !!!

I wonder if someone was like that in a local 7/11. How long would it take before someone helped? Or the clerk did anything?

I agree. Never mind on the word-nerd score.

I was wondering myself as I wandered up to the 7 (as they say these days) if that guy couldn’t sue.

I think he’d have a reasonable case to make against the bottle shop. I mean it would be a laugh in court but he could probably make a reasonable invasion of privacy case. Couldn’t he? Or that is just fair game?

I dont think he can sue a store for his walking around drunk in it. IN fact the store can sue HIM if he caused any damage. Yes, its funny how in Taiwan seven-eleven is just “seven” . I guess it makes sense tho, why waste words? Now if the guy got himself seriously injured, I wonder if he can sue for the store not assisting him. IF i worked there, I would call the cops and let them deal with it. He couldve gone out and gotten in his car and killed someone and then someone may sue the store for not stopping him? He needed a night in jail to wear off the alkey.

Seven cant be confused with Family Mart (what do they call those there?) or the President stores , etc.

Thanks for posting that. Laughed so hard my eyes are in tears.